July, 2019
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Cabinda, Kissanje and Hungo grades are particularly suited to production on the new fuels.
China Eyes Angola Crudes for IMO2020 Answers
But otherwise ready for the new 0.50% sulfur cap.
South Africa Urged to Speed Up Putting IMO2020 Legislation in Place
Until domestic supply runs out.
IMO2020: Indonesia Confirms Move to Stick With 3.5% Bunker Fuel
Fuelling up here could be a problem, New Zealand Cruise Association says.
IMO2020: Uncertainty Over NZ Stance on MARPOL Annex VI
Intercontinental Exchange increasing its product range in response to greater liquidity.
More Futures Contracts for 0.5% Fuel oil
Shipowners to switch to IMO2020 grade bunker fuel two months' ahead of new rule coming into force.
November 1: Shipping's IMO2020 Transition Date, Says Singapore
MARPOL Annex VI signatory Indonesia says it will not enforce the new sulfur rule for its domestic fleet.
Feature: Fresh Signs of a Soft Start to IMO2020, But is it Really Possible?
Officials say cost of complaint fuel will be too high.
IMO2020: Indonesia Will Not Enforce New Sulfur Rules for Domestic Shipping
To prepare vessels for the new sulfur cap.
We do have concerns, says Ocean Tankers.
IMO2020: Singapore Owner Starts Transition to 0.50%S Bunkers