Med ECA in Four Years is Possible, Says Nabu

Tuesday February 12, 2019

Non-governmental organisation Nabu hopes to see a Mediterranean emissions control area (ECA) in force in 2023.

The Berlin-based organisation is hopeful of a Med ECA declaration being made from the International Maritime Organisation's next marine environment committee (MEPC74) meeting in May if there is support from France and the European Commission.

However, Nabu transport spokesperson Beate Klunder told Ship and Bunker that this is unlikely as a third Med ECA assessment report will not be published until June. That would bump an agreement back to the next MEPC meeting.

"If we have the submission for MEPC75, then it could be 2023 at the earliest," Klunder said.

Curtailing emissions from ships by creating an ECA covering the Mediterranean region received a boost last year with a special conference hosted by the French government.