November, 2015
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The aim of the COP21 summit is for the COP to reach, for the first time, a new legally binding international climate agreement by the conclusion of COP21.
Fathom Spotlight: Will COP21 Be A Game Changer For Shipping?
BMT SMART's managing director believes that most of the savings with regards to fleet performance management can be made by shore-based management.
Fathom Spotlight: Does the Greatest Ship Performance Optimisation Potential Lie On-Shore, Rather Than On-board?
September, 2015
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Ships that dominantly operate in harbour areas are the most likely candidates to switch to the Zero Emissions Port Call concept.
Fathom Spotlight: The Zero Emission Port Call Concept
August, 2015
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Fathom explore the concept of onshore power supply and the benefits that both the Port of Bergen and ship owners can reap from 'plugging in'.
Fathom Spotlight: The Port Of Bergen Says Yes To Shore Power
Fathom takes a look at the impact of BC emission and deposition, the feedback mechanisms of BC on Arctic ice melt.
Fathom Spotlight: 8 Things You Need To Know About Black Carbon And The Shipping Industry
July, 2015
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Fathom discusses scrubber size, stability considerations, and the impact of changing climate on scrubber choices.
Fathom Spotlight: Shining The Spotlight On Three Scrubber Issues
June, 2015
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Fathom takes a look at the developing scrubber market and the challenges of ECA compliance options which have driven demand for scrubbers further.
Fathom Spotlight: The Scrubber Market - Reflection On Uptake & Growth
May, 2015
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The opportunity that receding ice presents for the shipping industry with regards to alternative voyage routes is enormous.
Fathom Spotlight: Arctic Shipping Routes - What You Need to Know
A new type of ship is on the horizon, the 'smart vessel', powered by smart connectivity and advanced, connected analytical powers.
5 Key Facts About The "Smart" Vessel of Tomorrow
Japanese company Fuji Electric has stepped into the industry with their novel concept – the world's smallest wet scrubber.
Fathom Spotlight: The Shrinking Size of Technology