Bimco Seeks Marine Environment Protection Specialist to Assist with Decarbonisation Lobbying

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday February 10, 2020

Shipping industry body Bimco is seeking to hire a "marine environment protection specialist" to help with its efforts to shape the debate around the decarbonisation of the industry.

The new team member will work on "suggesting viable solutions to legislations and industry standards while advocating the best interest of both the marine environment and our shipowner members," the industry body said in a job advertisement posted Monday.

The successful applicant will be a "marine environment enthusiast with a knack for politics," Bimco said.

The shipping industry is in a delicate public relations battle with environmentalists as it gears up to address its greenhouse gas emissions. 

At stake is both the pace of decarbonisation and which measures are deemed appropriate to drive it.

The shipping industry largely acknowledges the need for decarbonisation but wants to limit the cost impact, and is anxious to avoid opprobrium from environmental campaigners over its emissions.

If the industry is successfully labelled by environmentalists as making insufficient efforts to cut emissions, it may struggle to raise money from the banking industry in the years ahead.