May, 2022
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Because this contamination was found only after extensive testing, there may not have been enough time for quality claims.
HSFO Contamination Discovery May Have Been Too Late for Quality Claims: Gard
Buyers should now request more advanced fuel tests than can detect these chemicals, the MPA said.
Singapore's MPA Backs Wider Bunker Testing for Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
The MPA's investigations have concluded that the contaminated fuel was loaded at Khor Fakkan in the UAE and shipped to storage facilities in Malaysia for further blending.
Singapore's Contaminated HSFO Came From Khor Fakkan: MPA
April, 2022
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The greatest challenge in detecting chemical contamination is the many thousands of organic compounds that exist which may contaminate marine fuel.
The Value & Importance of Low-Cost, Pre-Burn, Rapid GCMS Screening of Marine Fuels
LR's Naeem Javaid looks at what exactly COCs are, and more importantly, why they might be appearing in your bunker fuel.
Singapore Bunker Contamination: Why Are Organic Chlorides a Problem?
"There will now be suits coming out of the Singapore situation," lawyer Steve Simms tells Ship & Bunker.
Singapore Bad Bunkers: What Does 'Meets ISO 8217 Specification' Actually Mean?
A survey conducted by brokerage NSI suggests a majority may support making GCMS testing mandatory.
SURVEY: Support Grows for Mandatory GCMS Testing After Singapore Bunker Contamination
Testing firm Maritec provides an update on detection levels and the effects on machinery encountered from the recent contamination found in Singapore HSFO.
MARITEC: Update on Organic Chlorinated Compounds From Singapore Region
IBIA is seeking to stop the problem from becoming a global crisis on the scale of the contamination originating in Houston in 2018.
IBIA Seeks to Track Spread of Contaminated HSFO From Singapore
As impact of global port congestion bears down on bunker sales.
China, Fujairah Bunker Markets Benefit as Ships Skip Singapore to Save Time: Report