IBIA Annual Convention : Singapore

November 6 - November 10

The largest and most dynamic bunkering hub in the world to host the IBIA Annual Convention 2017

The Convention will feature a first-class two-day IBIA Conference and Exhibition plus the highly-professional training courses, An Introduction to Bunker Disputes and An Introduction to LNG Bunkering.

This action-packed week will also include a range of exciting social events, networking excursions and other prime opportunities to network with 150+ industry leaders, while discovering all that this world-renowned maritime nation has to offer.

The conference covers the following key issues:

  • 2020: How will the IMO regulations be enforced and who will comply?
  • Fuel availability: A review of regional supply variations and the potential for scrubbers
  • IBIA initiatives: Port Charter; Supplier’s Guide to Best Practice; Guide to Best Ethical Practice
  • Shipowners’ panel debate
  • LNG and methanol: What is their potential?
  • Trading and technology: Digital and technology solutions

For more information visit: https://ibia.net/event/ibia-annual-convention-singapore/

Bunker Fuel Blending - A 2 Day Course

Location: Singapore
Date: 20 Nov 2017

Venue: Marina Mandarin, Singapore

Over the course of two-days, the program seeks to focus on bunker fuel blending techniques concentrating on the creation and optimization of profitable blend formula. In addition to comprehensive analysis of blend components including pricing and the environmental impact, the program seeks to educate participants through real life case studies and exercises.

For moreinformation visit: https://www.cconnection.org/events/bfb_singapore/

Bunker Fuel Supply & Economics: A 2 Day Course

Location: Singapore
Date: 05 Dec 2017
Venue: Singapore

This comprehensive 2-day course is focused on bunker fuel economics from a blend stock manufacturing point of view as well as the point of view of blenders. The course will have a great deal of emphasis on the IMO low sulfur regulations and how manufacturing costs may change. Delegates should expect to gain appreciation of the manufacturing costs and likely price impacts of the new regulations.

The goal of the course is to improve skills to understand how the oil industry in various regions is likely to respond to IMO; in making quality and pricing projections that are thoughtful and defensible, and in comprehending how the new regulations will influence businesses.

For more information visit: https://www.cconnection.org/events/bfse/

Focus Day: 29 January 2018
Main Conference: 30 - 31 January 2018

LNG Bunkering Summit 2018:

  • Learn about the latest regulatory updates and discuss operational procedures designed to reduce risk and ensure your team remains safe and compliant
  • Assess the commercial viability of LNG as a marine fuel and calculate accurate payback predictions through our technical focus day
  • Discover how LNG affects the design of various vessel types and how to operate reliable, cost effective and ECA compliant vessels: Evaluate Furetank, Tote, MSC Cruises, SamueLNG, Arista Shipping, and Anthony Veder’s successful projects
  • Hear about the European Commission’s latest funding options, their availability and methods for obtaining investment for infrastructure and vessel project
  • Receive the latest progress reports on LNG infrastructure developments in the ports of Oslo, Dragages, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Zeebrugge and Antwerp to help you to build your business case for shifting to LNG as a marine fuel and ensure you make the right decisions

For more information visit: https://lngbunkering.iqpc.co.uk