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November, 2017
Date Headline Image
Lack of efficiency improvements and poor take up of renewables against demand seen as main reason
Transport GHG emissions in EU continue to grow
Allegations focus on using false invoicing to defraud customers
Singapore Bunkering Firm Lands in Court on Fraud Charges
Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia delivers the usual assurances that everything is under control.
US Again Cited as Gadfly to OPEC's Cutback Efforts, But Hamm More Concerned About Accuracy of Production Forecasts
Any geopolitical risk is intensified due to lower stockpiles, they say.
Analysts Cite Geopolitics As a Major Factor for Crude as Doubt over OPEC Extensions Causes More Market Losses
Have you sold bunkers to a recently scrapped vessel? Check here with VesselsValue's demolition sales from November 9 – November 15, 2017.
Weekly Vessel Scrapping Report: 2017 Week 44
The 31SG is said to offer simple-cycle efficiency levels in excess of 50 percent, compared to about 40 percent with modern gas turbines.
Gas-Fuelled Version of Wärtsilä 31 Engine Launched
Hydrex says an experiment using the technique carried out on a cruise ship showed a 5 percent fuel savings compared to operation with rough propellers.
Hydrex Says New Propellers Cleaning Method Gleans Maximum Propulsion Efficiency
Move is the latest step in converting its remaining light physical operations into a full physical model in the Americas, says Peninsula.
Peninsula Expands Houston Bunker Operations with New Storage Agreement
On seasonal factors
Bonded Bunker Sales in Japan Rise 8% Month-On-Month
New company based in London and Singapore, BH tells Ship & Bunker.
Bunker Holding's Bunker One to Streamline Services to Top Tier Clients
Writing for Ship & Bunker earlier this week, NSI's Paul Hardy suggested limited demand could make keeping barges as designated HSFO tricky.
Bunker Industry Must Ensure Supply of High Sulfur Fuel Oil Bunkers Continues Beyond 2020: IMO
RJO Futures, on the other hand, sees oil range bound at $50-$55.
Petrobras CEO Forecasts $55-$65/bbl Oil And Says Brazil Could Be On The "Winner's Side" Of A Tough Market
"Whether more terminals will jump on this bandwagon in allowing more tankers to bunker at terminals, only time will tell," Sean Warr, Bunker procurement, BW Group, tells Ship & Bunker.
Singapore's New Concurrent Bunkering Service Saving Tankers Time and Money: BW Group
Russia is also sending mixed signals about its commitment to the deal.
Lack of Clear Plan For Oil Deal Extension Turns Talk of Consensus to Uncertainty
Some industry participants believe that, like the recent two-year extension for compliance with the Ballast Water Management Convention, a delay to IMO 2020 is possible.
There Will Be No Delay to January 1, 2020 Start Date for New 0.50% Global Sulfur Cap: IMO
But in the case of a shortage, an oil price spike over $100/B would not be surprising, Paul Kuklinski, Boston Energy Research, writes for Ship & Bunker.
November In-Depth Oil Price Outlook: Beware the Dip, Oil Prices Could Go Lower Without an Actual Geopolitical Disruption
But Aegean says it has now achieved annualized cost savings of $24 million, exceeding its previously stated goal of $20 million.
Aegean Posts Q3 Loss of $3.8 Million as Marine Fuel Sector Remains "Under Great Pressure with Intense Competition"
The 2,000 tonne ship, which is a zero-emission vessel in itself, is set to transport coal for the generation of electric power.
Vessel Hailed as World's First Battery-Powered, Fully Electric Cargo Ship Launched in China
ABB says electric propulsion is set to become an imperative for the maritime industry rather than an alternative.
ABB Looks to Digital Integration to Optimise Bunker-Saving Vessel and Fleet Management
CPC's bunker barge is in maintenance.
Stem Limits in Place at Taiwan's Port Suao