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World Fuels Services Bunker Sales Volume Down 16% in 2020

World Fuels Services Bunker Sales Volume Down 16% in 2020

COVID-19 impact makes it a fifth straight year of falling marine fuel sales for the Miami, FL-headquartered firm.
  1. 25Feb
    Meanwhile, Exxon Mobil turns its back on Canada's oil sands. Read in Full
  2. 25Feb
    Have you sold bunkers to a recently scrapped vessel? Check here with VesselsValue's demolition sales from February 18 – February 24 2021. Read in Full
  3. 25Feb
    Minerva's new 'Advanced Delivery Platform' (ADP) service will be available for buyers at the ARA hub, in Fujairah and Singapore. Read in Full
  4. 25Feb
    Research points to marine-based pollution as greater than land-based pollution. Read in Full
  5. 25Feb
    Peninsula has just joined LNG bunker industry body the Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel. Read in Full
  6. 25Feb
    For ships financed under Poseidon Principles. Read in Full
  7. 25Feb
    Israel's government is now looking into a selection of ships that it thinks could have caused the spill. Read in Full
  8. 25Feb
    Multi-firm project focused on ammonia-fuelled tanker design. Read in Full
  9. 25Feb
    The GECF forecasts LNG bunker demand rising from 11 bcm/year as of 2019 to more than 90 bcm/year by 2050. Read in Full
  10. 24Feb
    Meanwhile, OPEC sources say a 500,000 bpd increase is feasible. Read in Full

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic restricting opportunities for traditional training, Ship & Bunker has partnered with Refinery Automation Institute (RAI) to launch its first online bunker training course.    Learn More →

Top Stories

  1. INTERVIEW: Maersk Decarbonisation Guru Sets Out Path to Zero Carbon
    Feb 22
    Maersk's head of decarbonisation sets out how the company will approach renewing its fleet in the coming years as it shifts to using zero-carbon fuels.
  2. BLUE's Adrian Tolson Backs Crude-Price Link to Bunker Quality Problems
    Feb 18
    "I see price in terms of both direction of movement and overall level for both marine fuel and crude oil as important in patterns of quality claims in bunkers."
  3. S&B ANALYSIS: Gazprom Neft Sees 40.8% Bunker Sales Drop on Russian Market Collapse
    Feb 18
    Moving on from HSFO has come at a heavy cost to Russia's bunker market.
  4. EXCLUSIVE: Chris Todd Confirms Launch of New International Bunker Company
    Feb 10
    With an initial footprint that includes 7 trading offices and 2 physical locations, Todd will head Delta Energy from Rotterdam.
  5. Rotterdam Bunker Licensing Launches With 28 Registered Barge Operators
    Feb 09
    The new system -- licensing bunker barge operators at Rotterdam, Schiedam, Vlaardingen, Dordrecht, Zwijndrecht and Papendrecht -- came into force on February 1.
  6. Maersk Engine Failure Case Brings 2018 Bunker Contamination Crisis to Court
    Feb 08
    The global bunker industry suffered a contamination crisis in 2018, with quality issues spreading from the US Gulf to become a worldwide problem.
  7. Sea Oil Petroleum Acquires Norwegian Bunker Trader Pro Fuels
    Feb 08
    Pro Fuels, established in Norway in 2018, will be renamed Sea Oil Petroleum AS and its employees will remain with the company.
  8. West Indies Petroleum Strikes Exclusive BP Supply Deal
    Feb 08
    The long-term deal gives WIP the ability to distribute fuel products elsewhere in the Caribbean and Central American markets.
  9. Marine Fuel Supplier Peninsula Plans LNG Bunkering Business
    Feb 04
    The company's new head of business development has taken on the job of setting up the business.
  10. Bunker Holding Shuts Down London Office of Brokerage LQM
    Jan 27
    The London office was opened in 2019 and has a team of five staff.

Insights & Analysis More

  1. FEATURE: Foreship Ready for Scrubber Clean Up
    Feb 23
    Expectations are high that exhaust gas scrubber technology demand will soon be resurgent. But what lessons have been learned from installations and which type will dominate?
  2. S&B ANALYSIS: Singapore Bunker Demand Kicks Off 2021 Near Highs of IMO 2020 Shift
    Feb 15
    The world's largest bunker hub has seen sales almost hold up from the artificially high level of January 2020.
  3. VIEWPOINT: 'Ammonia-Ready' Ships - Greenwashing or Milestone to Zero Carbon?
    Feb 04
    Some readers have told Ship & Bunker the recent notation awarded by ABS is nothing more than a PR exercise, while others see it as an important step to the future.
  4. S&B ANALYSIS: The Widening HSFO / VLSFO Spread and Potential for a Second Wave of Scrubber Uptake
    Jan 26
    Ship & Bunker looks at the high/low sulfur spread in 2020, outlook for the spread in the years ahead and other factors impacting the landscape for scrubber uptake.
  5. S&B ANALYSIS: Understanding the VLSFO / Brent Relationship and Bunker Price Outlook for 2021
    Jan 20
    IMO 2020 and the unique market dynamics of 2020 has seen it take some time to pin down what a useful crude / VLSFO model will be going forwards.
  6. Bunker Traders in Demand as Job Market Remains Buoyant into 2021
    Jan 19
    "I would say 2020 has been our busiest year ever partly because of the job activity for bunkering," says Singapore-based Salling Search.
  7. Green Bunkers, Eco-bunkers, Bio-bunkers, Renewable Bunker…Caveat Emptor!
    Jan 18
    Saving planet while burning fuel with superior mileage, doesn't that sound too good to be true? Ara Barsamian, Eliseo Curcio, and Daniel Son from Refinery Automation Institute, LLC discuss.

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