February, 2024
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Damien Bertin of Opsealog tells Ship & Bunker how software-based fuel efficiency solutions can deliver a 200% return on investment for OSV operators.
INTERVIEW: Opsealog Sees 10-15% Bunker Savings on Table for OSV Operators
In 2023, the maritime industry experienced a notable increase in fuel pump problems, according to Viswa Lab data.
Rising Trend in Fuel Pump Issues: 2023 Insights
The UN body's revised GHG strategy should provide enough impetus for the industry to start shifting into alternative fuel supply, new IMO Secretary General Arsenio Dominguez tells Ship & Bunker.
New IMO Chief Discusses Bunker Industry's Readiness to Supply Low-Carbon Fuels
January, 2024
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Dionysis Diamantopoulos, the new head of alternative fuels at Baseblue, sets out the firm's advice on how to cope with the upcoming FuelEU Maritime regulation.
INTERVIEW: Baseblue Calls For Action Now on FuelEU Maritime Compliance