November, 2017
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Where we have lost ground over time is our overall understanding of the market, Paul Hardy writes for Ship & Bunker.
The Importance of Experience and the Changing Dynamics of the Bunker Market
One observer believes the growing ties between the two countries is an "ominous" indication that war is coming.
New Tesla Truck and Saudi/Israeli Alliance Seen as Latest Risks to Crude Market
"This new service will provide a step change in marine oil analysis," says Iain White, Global Marketing Manager at ExxonMobil Marine.
ExxonMobil Launches New Lubricant Analysis Service
Lack of efficiency improvements and poor take up of renewables against demand seen as main reason
Transport GHG emissions in EU continue to grow
Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia delivers the usual assurances that everything is under control.
US Again Cited as Gadfly to OPEC's Cutback Efforts, But Hamm More Concerned About Accuracy of Production Forecasts
The 31SG is said to offer simple-cycle efficiency levels in excess of 50 percent, compared to about 40 percent with modern gas turbines.
Gas-Fuelled Version of Wärtsilä 31 Engine Launched
Hydrex says an experiment using the technique carried out on a cruise ship showed a 5 percent fuel savings compared to operation with rough propellers.
Hydrex Says New Propellers Cleaning Method Gleans Maximum Propulsion Efficiency
Writing for Ship & Bunker earlier this week, NSI's Paul Hardy suggested limited demand could make keeping barges as designated HSFO tricky.
Bunker Industry Must Ensure Supply of High Sulfur Fuel Oil Bunkers Continues Beyond 2020: IMO
Some industry participants believe that, like the recent two-year extension for compliance with the Ballast Water Management Convention, a delay to IMO 2020 is possible.
There Will Be No Delay to January 1, 2020 Start Date for New 0.50% Global Sulfur Cap: IMO
But in the case of a shortage, an oil price spike over $100/B would not be surprising, Paul Kuklinski, Boston Energy Research, writes for Ship & Bunker.
November In-Depth Oil Price Outlook: Beware the Dip, Oil Prices Could Go Lower Without an Actual Geopolitical Disruption