February, 2019
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If you are a bunker producer or supplier, you'll have to worry about patent infringement.
IMO 2020 VLSFO Patent Wars?!
A total of 1,698 vessels over 2,000 GT, according to the latest data from Clarksons.
IMO 2020: Scrubber Uptake Now 4% of Vessels, 10% by Tonnage
Guidelines for scrubbers , sulphur testing and verification, and dealing with non-availability situations all on the agenda.
PPR 6 Preview: IBIA Working for Sensible 2020 Solutions at IMO Meeting
Study to be presented at next week in London.
Further Research Needed to Understand Scrubber Impact, IMO's PPR6 to Hear
Experts now warn of upside price risks and fret about another price collapse.
OPEC Once Again Causes Crude Price Rise as Analysts Hunt For New Worries
Although an unlikely ban would actually benefit the company.
Scorpio Sees Regulatory Lifespan of 5 to 10 Years for Scrubbers
Fuels will be produced by blending with a 0% S component, not desulfurizing the high S component, and there are many potential pitfalls in this solution.
IMO2020: The Brutal Facts of Blending the New 0.5%S Bunker Fuels
Will serve as a tremendous boost to the United States economy, says CAES.
US Energy Coalition Calls for Timely Enforcement of IMO2020 Rule
Scrubbers installed versus no scrubbers.
IMO 2020 Will Create a Two-Tier Charter Market, Says Swedish Club
If not, we risk making the wrong decisions and spending resources ineffectively, says BIMCO Deputy Secretary General.
Don't Plan For GHG Reductions Using "Totally Unrealistic" Projections for Shipping: BIMCO