April, 2018
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Shipowners may have to adjust their strategy quickly, says Alvin Forster, Loss Prevention Executive at North P&I.
IMO2020: Less Sulphur, More Risk?
Analysts are beginning to worry about OPEC extending its cuts indefinitely.
Oil Deal Cuts Set to Continue Regardless of Cleared Glut
Delay 0.5% sulfur cap to head off market disruption, argues energy and commodities consultant Philip K Verleger.
IMO2020 Deadline Could Cause Massive Crude Oil Spike, Consultant Warns
But can play role as industry starts to respond to new regulations.
LNG Bunker Fuel Insufficient on Its Own to Curb Shipping's CO2 Output: Analyst
NSI's new tool gives a graphical overview of suppliers' plans in the pre and post IMO2020 bunker markets.
Interactive Guide to IMO2020 Bunker Supply Launched
Pavlos Papageorgiou succeeds Spyros Gianniotis.
Aegean Appoints New CFO
Cloud-based service delivers results in real-time, the company says.
Updated Engine Monitoring Service Launched by Exxonmobil
North Europe, Mediterranean and Singapore to offer fuels.
ExxonMobil IMO2020 Compliant Fuels to Be Available Ahead of 0.5% Start Date
Buyers should not completely resign themselves to paying MGO prices, says BunkerEx.
Say No to Scrubbers for Now, Bunker Broker Advises
An accumulation of troubling fundamentals will overtake geopolitical fears as the driver of prices, says the bank.
Crude Slips as Barclays Predicts High Chance of Price Collapse Later This Year