August, 2019
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Only a U.S./China trade deal will cause positive lasting change, say experts.
Crude Ekes Out Modest Weekly Gain, But OPEC Warns of Rough Sledding Ahead
Premiums not as high as fuel prices suggest they should be, says GOGL's Vartdal.
Charter Rates for Scrubber-Equipped Tonnage Fail to Impress
Pushing completion dates past the January 1 start date for IMO2020.
IMO2020: Scrubber Retrofits Taking Longer then Expected
But the U.S. is still producing encouraging economic indicators.
Crude Down Again On Belief That Recession Is Unavoidable
Forms part of staff development programme.
Dan-Bunkering Staff Move
The added complexity and inherent costs associated with IMO 2020 have forced shippers and carriers to reassess BAF practices.
Transparency in BAF Formulas: The Importance of Visibility as the IMO 2020 Deadline Approaches
But one analyst says determining demand health is trickier than it looks.
Crude Nosedives Again as Traders Resume Worrying About Poor Demand
But experts insist that oil output has to drop further for conditions to improve.
Glimmer of Hope in Trade War Causes Crude to Skyrocket
The research agency questions the assumptions on GHG savings from alternatives.
Don't Discount Scrubbers + HFO for GHG Reduction Efforts: SINTEF Ocean
Shell looking to take advantage of battery power for its offshore operations and "in fields where it has not been used before."
Shell Invests in Marine Battery Maker Corvus