July, 2019
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But one expert thinks prices could "easily" climb to $75 shortly.
Oil Prices Plummet Despite OPEC Extension, Russian Cutbacks
Uncertainty remains about the worldwide availability of safe and compliant low sulfur fuels, the association says.
Redouble IMO2020 Bunker Supply Efforts: ICS
The retrofit project for 10 vessels will take place in 2019.
COSCO Shipping Goes for More Scrubber Retrofits
They could have done more to be ready, says organisation's head.
Bimco Chides Refineries Over IMO2020 Prep
June, 2019
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Meanwhile, CNBC credits massive U.S. production for helping to keep the world market stable.
Crude Post 20-25% Gain for First Half of 2019 As G20 Summit Commences
To "eliminate uncertainty around the operation of exhaust gas cleaning systems".
IMO2020: Global Scrubber Regs Database Launched
Accounting for 18% of global demand, says EGCSA
IMO2020: Around 4,000 Scrubber Equipped Vessels by Jan 1
Analysts think the next few days will determine crude's near-term health.
Oil Prices Rise Modestly as All Eyes Focus on OPEC, G20 Summit
Rates edged up in June on reduced availability.
Ship Hire Rates Receive Scrubber Install Bounce
But is less sure of the benefits of slower steaming.
Green Group Backs LNG Bunkers