June, 2019
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It is our colleagues at sea that are going to have to put into practice all our ideas and notions for IMO2020.
NSI Comments on Day of the Seafarer 2019
But post-2020, Majors/refiners will become the biggest physical suppliers while Independents/Commodity traders are set to lose out, says Tolson.
IMO2020: Bunker Traders Coming Back in a Big Way
West Texas Intermediate rose $0.47/bbl to $57.90 Monday, while Brent dropped back $0.34 to $64.86.
Uneventful Day for Crude as Demand Concern Outweighs Geopolitics
There has been a long standing notion that non-compliance would render a vessel unseaworthy.
IMO2020: Noncomplaince Does Not Mean Automatic Loss of P&I Cover, says Guard
I think there's a feeling from some of the refiners that they've kind of got the shipping industry by hostage, says Freepoint Commodities' VP.
IMO2020: Combine Your Buying Power, Don't Worry About Pricing, Shipowners Told
But emerging good news about China and demand is relatively ignored.
Fears of Military Action Against Iran Cause Crude Price Surge
Rigby Refining and ExxonMobil say stability out to a year is not a problem.
Refiners Assure on IMO2020 Grade Fuel Stability
Can serve as a transition solution to reduce CO2 emissions today, carrier says.
Maersk Latest Carrier to Trial Carbon-Neutral Bunkers
Expect the market quite shaken for at least the initial year, says freight forwarder.
Shippers Remain Unaware, Unprepared for IMO2020
One expert says Iran is trying to jack up shipping insurance premiums.
Drone Shooting Boosts Oil Prices as Analysts Ponder Desperate Iran's Next Move