November, 2017
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Emulsion fuel developer seeking leverage on positive trial results
Quadrise Explores Other Shipping Opportunities Following Maersk Trial
Meanwhile, some analysts are making safe bets about market performance moving into 2018.
Optimism for OPEC Cutback Extension Nears Fever Pitch, But Russia Warns It's Not a Done Deal
The MEO tool uses performance data and control algorithms to provide intelligence for power management systems.
Caterpillar Launches New Bunker-Saving Multi-Engine Optimizer Tool
The new addition is a "cloud-based" fuel consumption and carbon dioxide monitoring module.
Rolls-Royce Announces MRV-Focused Module for Energy Management System
Shipowners' body to seek ban in run up to 2020
Ban Carriage of Non-Compliant 2020 Bunker Fuel: ICS
Meanwhile, Venezuela headed for default, says experts.
Iraq Again Expresses Support for Extended Crude Cuts Amid "Booming" Demand for Oil
The market gains are once again based on talk and hope, not action.
As Crude Rises to 28-Month High Analysts Switch Gears and Now Say "Get Used to Higher Oil Prices"
Decarbonisation is an opportunity to inspire the industry to improve efficiency with new technologies, Maurice Meehan, Director of Global Shipping Operations, Carbon War Room, writes for Ship & Bunker.
Shipping Must Act Sooner Rather Than Later to Mitigate Climate Risks and Seize the Opportunity of Decarbonisation
The LNG Producer-Consumer Conference 2017 hosted a panel called, "LNG as Transport Fuel."
SEA\LNG Members Meet at LNG Producer-Consumer Conference 2017 to Discuss LNG as Marine Fuel
The ship performance estimation technology can predict figures such as ship speed and fuel consumption.
Fujitsu Completes Trial on New Bunker-Saving Ship Performance Tech