March, 2019
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And a shift towards closed-loop units.
LiqTech Posts Record Quarter Thanks to Surge of Scrubber Orders
Gasoline has already had its rally, says analyst.
Crude Market Shrugs off Latest Tweet From Trump - Who May Get His Wish For Lower Prices Anyway
By verifying conversion of HSFO to 0.50% max sulfur bunkers.
IMO2020: Genoil Looks to LR for Credibility on Bunker Desulfurization Process
FONAR handling seen as a key factor in early IMO2020 compliance levels.
FONARs: Two Different Jurisdictions, Two Different Experiences
Is also looking to enter the bunker market in America.
GP Global to Supply 0.50%S Bunkers from April, Expand Fujairah & UAE Bunker Ops
Other analysts say demand concerns have proven not too be too influential.
Oil Maintains Strong 2019 Performance as Goldman Sees $80 as an Eventual Possibility
And scrubber equipped tonnage.
CMA CGM Orders More LNG-Powered Box Ships
To 2025, says company president
Exxon: High Sulfur Demand to Fall by a Quarter
Shippers are said to favour Q4 for when the carriers' surcharge should begin.
Shippers Need to Accept IMO2020 Bunker Surcharges Start Now
One expert says trader sentiment is grounded in the fear of a repeat of 2018.
Sentiment Once More Undercuts Reason as Crude Drops over 1 Percent