January, 2020
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The P&I club expects to see "many more disputes" over bunker availability, quality, and sulfur content.
North P&I Club Sets Out Members' IMO 2020 Concerns
The box ship operator had previously set a $200/mt surcharge applicable from December 1.
Container Line CMA CGM Raises Low Sulfur Surcharge Value to $275/mt
The picture is being heavily influenced by panic and short term transitional logistical issues. The future is going to be very different.
Bunker Prices: Don't be Fooled by What you See at the Moment
Meanwhile, Kilduff stresses there is still "a ton of spare capacity."
Oil Prices Jump on Killing of Iran's Military Leader; Retaliation And Even Peace Predicted
"From everything we're hearing availability is there," says ICS' Esben Poulsson.
IMO2020 Fuel Availability Concerns Fading
Meanwhile, analysts once again forecast the demise of U.S. shale.
First 2020 Crude Trading Day Marked by Conflicting Geopolitical Sentiment
A historic moment with a reach going well beyond the bunker and marine industries as the impact of the new rules is felt across the globe.
IMO2020 Rule Comes Into Force, Global Sulfur Cap for Marine Fuel Falls to 0.50%
December, 2019
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However, the current Iraq skirmish is dismissed as irrelevant to crude.
Analysts Differ on Crude Outlook for 2020 as Benchmarks Log 35 Percent Gains
Experts insist a "tsunami of oil" will create myriad problems.
Oil Achieves Biggest Yearly Rise Since 2016 - But Analysts Gloomy About 2020 Prospects
Problems can arise as the BDN is the legal proof of the bunker's sulfur content.
IMO2020: BIMCO Warns Over Blending Remaining HSFO Onboard Instead of Debunkering