May, 2019
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65% of refiners also not ready.
67% of Shippers Not Ready for IMO2020: Bloomberg
"If you get the rules, you can live by the rules."
IMO2020: Industry Needs Clarity on Scrubber Rules, says Trafigura
Still, both supply and demand appear to be well-balanced.
China/U.S. Tensions Cause More Crude Losses, But Kilduff Says Iran is a Bigger Threat to Prices
Analysts now believe prices will drop to the $60s because of Iran.
Wildly Wrong Forecast Causes Crude Prices to Rebound, But Worry Over China Persists
Marine Engine Manufacturer expected to be valued at around €3 billion.
MAN Up for Sale: Sources
French owner backs mandatory speed limits for ship.
Industry Conservatives to Blame for Lack of Action on Shipping GHGs: Louis Dreyfus Armateurs
Europe, Africa, and Asia are paying big premiums for extra supply.
Fear of Weakening Demand Causes More Crude Losses Despite Global Thirst for Oil
Team Tankers International makes move after a 40-month trial.
Owner Signs up Four More Vessels for Bunker Saving Hull Coatings
With less than a year left to get ready for the 0.50% sulphur limit, awareness is high but is that enough? Many have doubts, but don't stop trying, says IBIA's Unni Einemo.
Three Ps for 2020
China concerns are overlooked in the scramble to worry about a tight market.
U.S. Forces to Middle East Trigger Crude Gains, Talk of $80 Prices