October, 2021
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Firm anticipates upwards of an 85% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional diesel fuels.
Seaspan Trails Renewable Gas Bunkers
September's total was up by 3.4% from a year earlier and down by 0.2% from August's level.
Panama September Bunker Sales Gain 3.4% on Year
Kemp takes producers to task for using Covid as an excuse not to boost output.
No End In Sight For Oil Price Gains As Worry Over Energy Crunch Intensifies
Global gas prices have shot up in recent months, but as Ship & Bunker data shows, this has not been the case for all markets.
How a $1,000/MT Spread has Opened Up in Global LNG Bunker Prices
Meanwhile, Citigroup thinks crude prices may reach $90 this winter.
Oil Hits The $80s Over Energy Crunch Fears, But Some Analysts Warn Of Correction
Meanwhile, Moody's says exploration budgets need to climb 54 percent to prevent further crunches.
Oil Gains As Analysts Contemplate Possibility Of OPEC Acting To Stop Energy Crunch
Successful applicants will join the company's in-house training program in Red Bank.
BUNKER JOBS: KPI OceanConnect Seeks New Jersey Junior Broker/Trader
Colombian company regulator the Superintendencia de Sociedades added the Bogota-based firm to its list of companies in insolvency proceedings in June.
Colombia Physical Supplier CI International Fuels Undergoes Restructuring
The company is looking for recent graduates with a relevant education, most likely with a commercial focus.
BUNKER JOBS: Monjasa Seeks Trader in Stamford, Connecticut
September, 2021
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To look at methanol for use in marine and transport sectors.
Caribbean: Methanex Forms Partnership With Trinidad's State Energy Firm