April, 2020
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One terminal closed, another on reduced hours.
Covid-19 Positive Docker Closes LA Terminal: Report
Meanwhile, the worldometer website puts the virus into some perspective.
More Hurt For Crude Prices Over Coronavirus Concerns
The sharp drop in crude last month has left VLSFO prices around the world converging and has left US prices in particular declining more relative to other hubs.
High Freight Rates Hold Back US VLSFO Export Potential
March, 2020
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Meanwhile, Goldman thinks the oil industry will be stronger due to the virus.
Promising Virus Treatment Outcomes No Match for Traders' Fears As Crude Prices Drop Again
Meanwhile, New York stay at home measures slow coronavirus spread.
Oil Drops On IEA Predictions Of Demand Decline
The rebate will be in effect from April 1.
BC Ferries Passes on 1.5% Fuel Rebate to Customers as Bunker Prices Slump
Still, oil analysts foresee extreme energy sector pain.
Crude Climbs Again On Stimulus Bill, As Potential Coronvirus Breakthroughs Emerge
Houston's VLSFO prices overtook Singapore and Fujairah on Feburary 21, and rose to a premium of as much as $51.50/mt by March 10.
Houston VLSFO Prices Decline Relative to Top Bunker Hubs
Unless production is pared back.
Oil Storage May Run out in Western Canada: Analyst
Passengerless ships can bunker on case-by-case basis.
Cruise Ships Make Bunker Only Calls at Honolulu