October, 2018
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However, Bank of America Merrill Lynch still sees Brent climbing to the $90s.
Triple-Digit Oil Price Forecasters Silent As Crude Plummets Again, By 3 Percent
Hurricane Michael could cause a 1 million bpd drop in demand, say experts.
Oil Prices Dragged Down by Wall Street, Demand Concerns
Has capacity for 500 metric tonnes of MGO.
US Supplier Launches New Bunkering Vessel
September, 2018
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Canadian prices have become the lowest in the world, according to OilPrice.com
Brent, WTI Make Gains but Canadian Oil Selling at Huge Discounts
Forms part of expansion plans at US Gulf refinery.
New Ultra-low Sulfur Fuel Unit Starts up at Exxon's Beaumont
The bank maintains that OPEC and its allies are capable of offsetting Iranian shortfalls.
BP Joins Analysts Worrying About Iran Impact, but Goldman Dismisses Talk of $100/bbl Oil
Kounalakis to head new unit Bunker One (Gulf of Mexico), joined by the also newly employed Theodoris Motsenigos.
Georgia Kounalakis Joins Bunker One as Supplier Takes Aim at Offshore Gulf Physical Supply Market
But whether or not OPEC decides to raise output, that target is likely not to be achieved.
Trump Wants Sub $80/bbl Oil as Result of Sunday OPEC Meeting: Kemp
But one analyst suggests global economic declines will cause market to go sideways.
Crude Soft as Trump Bemoans High Prices and Analysts Forecast Oil Breaking $80 Soon
This is despite OPEC earlier claiming that demand growth would decline.
Crude Soft, but OPEC Chief Says Demand Is Robust