February, 2019
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Will produce the equivalent of 10% of Maersk's annual bunker requirement.
IMO2020: Maersk Expands 0.50% Bunker Production, Supply Offering to US East Coast
After US govt shutdown delay.
Low Sulfur Fuel oil Futures Contract Launches Next Week
Ship had a faulty valve and incorrectly installed alarm.
Marathassa Bunker Spill Caused by Defect, not Negligence
Traders seem fixated on bad news despite many bullish developments.
Oil Tumbles Again Due To An "Overemphasis" Of A Global Recession
But this doesn't prevent BP from posting stellar gains in 2018.
Prices Fall Again in What Analysts Lament is Volatile, Sentiment-Driven Crude Market
Losses at Pointe-a-Pierre refinery behind move.
Caribbean Refinery to Switch to Storage, Bunkering: Reports
After 6 months of declining sales, 2018 annual total just 2% lower than 2017.
Panama's Annual Bunker Sales Performance Saved by Bumper December Volume
January, 2019
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Analysts wonder if bullish sentiment might be heating up again.
Oil Market Roundup - Wednesday Week 5
Venezuela and China factor predominantly in crude prices leveling off.
Oil Market Roundup - Tuesday Week 5
Under investment plan first announced two years ago.
Exxon's Beaumont Refinery to Double in Size: Report