March, 2019
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The hole was sealed during the night.
Hull Hole Causes Bunker Spill in New York
Reuters analyst says oil markets in 'phoney war' ahead of bunker fuel sulfur change.
Growth Fears Keep Distillate Pricing Stable for now: Analyst
However, Bob Iaccino says trades disputes still need to be successfully resolved.
Analysts Confident that Oil Rally Will Continue Despite More Price Losses
Research project in US looking at air layer underneath ship to reduce resistance.
Reducing Hull Drag Holds Promise of Fuel Savings
Company reduces debt and prepares to leave Chapter 11 as part of Mercuria.
Aegean Back in Play
As province passes tax breaks for LNG projects.
New Vancouver LNG Bunkering Facility Moves Forward
However, Venezuela's woes could keep the market robust in the near-term.
Crude Prices Mixed, But Croft Warns That Rally Could be Derailed by Sentiment
Economic self-interest will prompt producers to continue pumping full-out.
Full Speed Ahead for Crude Prices Due to OPEC Defying White House