Bunker Intelligence

The bunker industry is at the beginning of a period of significant change. The advent of IMO2020 means major shifts ahead for key market dynamics such as credit and compliance requirements, suppliers' market share, and bunker buying patterns. At this critical time, marine fuels stakeholders need all the tools necessary to make the crucial, time-sensitive decisions that drive business.

In response to these challenges, Ship & Bunker introduces Bunker Intelligence, a new stream of products that will offer an additional level of depth to the information we provide our readers.

As part of this initiative, Ship & Bunker has partnered with marine credit reporting firm SeaCred LLC to jointly develop a number of new intelligence products for stakeholders in the marine fuels industry.

As part of the new partnership, SeaCred’s streamlined, innovative credit and due diligence reports are now available through the Ship & Bunker website at an exclusive 5% discount. Click here to learn more about SeaCred reports and to place an order.

Stay tuned for new Bunker Intelligence products that will be launching soon.