Top 10 Suppliers for 2020: A report jointly developed by Ship & Bunker and SeaCred that provides critical insight into the world's key bunker industry players for 2020.

The current version of this report was released in December 2019

What is it?

  • 10 individual Know Your Counterparty (KYC) reports, one for each of who we rank as the most important bunker suppliers for 2020 that collectively account for approximately one third of global bunker sales volume
  • Discussion on the criteria for how we used to pick the Top 10
  • An overview of the wider market including recent trends and key events that have shaped the industry to date

Who is this report for?

  • Anyone looking to get a better understanding of the history, current financial health, and future outlook of the key supply players for 2020.
Top 10 for 2020

Which Suppliers Does it Cover?

  • Bunker Holding
  • Cockett Marine Oil
  • Fratelli Cosulich SpA
  • Gulf Petrochem / GP Global
  • Minerva Bunkering
  • Monjasa
  • OceanConnect Marine
  • Peninsula Petroleum
  • Trafigura
  • World Fuel Services

What Does the Report Contain Exactly?

This is a 42 page report that includes:

  • Overview of the market size
  • Discussion of market participant types and how we picked the Top 10
  • What notable developments have shaped the bunker business in recent years
  • Overview of conditions for players in the new normal of IMO2020
  • Our pick of the top 10 most important suppliers for 2020 and a KYC report for each that includes:
    • Company Profile
    • Bunker Sales Volumes
    • Outlook for 2020
    • Financial Condition
    • Corporate Details & Key People

What Are People Saying About It?

The Top 10 Report will be an important reference source for us as we navigate the new pricing climate of IMO2020
~Frank Dahan, Senior Strategic Sourcing, Fuel & Corporate at The CSL Group Inc.

The Top 10 report provides traders and brokers a valuable overview of key bunker firms at this critical juncture
~Jesse Axelrod, Managing Partner, Axelrod Energy Projects.

The Top 10 Bunker Suppliers for 2020 is very interesting and useful for a full picture of the market. Such information is not available to the public until now.
~Fotini Karali, Bunker Manager for Pantheon Tankers Management.

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