February, 2018
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The bank also insists that the market is already balanced.
Despite What Some See Are Signs of Massive Correction, Goldman Says Crude Will Exceed $80/bbl This Year
January, 2018
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The event is presented in partnership with Ship & Bunker.
Press Release: IBIA, Maritime Authority of Jamaica Conference to Showcase Caribbean Bunker Opportunities
The performance compares with official total sales of 4.0 million mt in 2016 and 3.7 million mt in 2015.
Panama: 2017 Annual Bunker Sales Up 15.6% to 4.6 Million MT
Many view crude's range in 2018 as between $60 and $65, with geopolitical tension being a wild card.
Rising U.S. Production Triggers Crude Price Drop and Predictions that $70 Oil Will Soon Evaporate
Meanwhile, U.S. drillers reported to have activated the most new rigs in a week since March.
US Crude Hitting 3-year High Triggers More Worry Over Market Sustainability
He also worries that even U.S. shale won't be able to offset depleting inventories and satisfy growing demand.
Eni CEO Says Politics Are Driving Oil Prices as Brent Touches $71/b
One expert argues that a price range of $55-$65 is ideal.
Crude Gains Trigger More Worries That Prices Are Either Not Sustainable or Will Climb Even Further
New operation expected to add over a million tonnes to its business, Alex Lyra, Global Head of Supply and Trading, tells Ship & Bunker.
Peninsula Petroleum: New Los Angeles and Long Beach Operation Now Fully Launched
The dissipation of investor exuberance will bring Brent closer to $60, says Vandana Hari.
Friday Crude Losses Herald "Choppy Trade, Volatile Prices" for 2018: Analyst
Meanwhile, a discrepancy in Venezuelan output figures seems to be a sign of desperation from its socialist government.
OPEC Sees Plummeting Venezuelan Output Offsetting Rising U.S. Production