July, 2017
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Everything from a slowdown in U.S. shale to fighting in the Middle East is cited as catalysts for a bullish second half.
Crude Rise of 2.2 Percent Sparks Widespread Predictions of a Q2 2017 Recovery
Jim Jensen initially started with Dan-Bunkering in 2008.
Dan-Bunkering America Appoints New Managing Director
But conservative experts insist more pain lies ahead.
Crude's 14% H1 Slide Prompt Predictions of Second-Half Comeback
June, 2017
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A sixth consecutive day of market gains fails to inspire confidence among analysts.
Crude May Rise to $49 - Then "Watch Out" for September
Experts say under-investment will soon be the Americans' undoing.
Canada Backs US Oil Assets With $1 Billion Buy In Amid Warnings of Imminent Shale Crash
The report provides a summary of a study that examined the benefits of using LNG and compressed natural gas as marine fuel.
New Canadian Report Suggests Reduced Energy Costs and Emissions Through Use of Natural Gas Bunkers
The Port has highlighted its mandatory shore power and at-berth low-sulfur regs as part of its various carbon-reduction initiatives.
Port of Seattle Joins "We Are Still In" Alliance, Pledges to Continue COP21 Efforts
The Green Marine programme addresses key environmental issues and criteria using 11 performance indicators.
Port of Hueneme Becomes First Californian Port to Earn Green Marine Certification
The cooperation is intended to establish storage and technical support needed to provide "safe, reliable" LNG bunkering in North America.
Crowley Signs Collaboration Agreement with ExxonMobil and Eagle LNG for Development of LNG Bunkers
The vessel will be feature a battery-diesel hybrid propulsion system driving fixed pitch propeller.
Glosten Marks Completion of of Hybrid Ferry Design for Kitsap Transit