January, 2019
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We already produce clean shipping fuels and our global competitors do not have the necessary infrastructure, says newly formed Coalition for American Energy Security (CAES).
IMO2020: U.S. Positioned to Lead the World in Providing Compliant Fuel
Crude is now up 15 percent from its December low.
Oil Market Roundup - Tuesday Week 2
Crude prices rise again but analytical forecasts are still bearish.
Oil Market Roundup - Monday Week 2
Despite price gains, crude is still a shadow of its late-2018 might.
Oil Market Roundup - Friday Week 1
December, 2018
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Average price forecast for 2019 is $69, say analysts.
Crude Falls 25% in 2018
Deal includes the acquisition of seven boats, 12 barges.
NOLA-Based Progressive Barge Line Sells Bunker Business to Savage
Your ability to communicate with many stakeholders, both internal and external, will be vital in this role.
Bunker Jobs: Key Account Manager – Bunker One Global Accounts (BOGA) Houston
You must have strong bunker operational expertise in contract management.
Bunker Jobs: Senior Key Account Manager – Bunker One Global Accounts (BOGA) Houston
As part of ongoing Car Wash investigation.
Petrobras Temporarily Suspends Trading With Vitol, Trafigura and Glencore
But Kilduff says OPEC realizes its cutbacks are insufficient to stabilize the market.
OPEC Moves to Shore Up Prices After Crude Tumbles Again