February, 2018
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However, JP Morgan still believes crude could climb as high as $75 this year.
OPEC Lifts Oil Demand Forecast but Analysts Worry There's a Price Crash Coming
To allow larger ships to access the facility.
Carnival Expands Shorepower Facility at Long Beach Cruise Terminal
Meanwhile, Russia's Gazprom is eager for output limits to be raised.
US Crude Prices Drop to 7-Week Low as Goldman Stresses That Fundamentals Still "Very Much Intact"
Platts thinks OPEC has overestimated the amount of remaining excess global stocks.
Vitol Says Oil Market "Solid' but Platts Suspects It's Overtightened
Meanwhile, billionaire investor Cooperman says US crude will soon hit $70 per barrel.
US Crude Losses Offset by News It Will Be a Net Energy Exporter Four Years Sooner Than Expected
Further concerns are expressed over an uptick in shale drilling.
Analysts Now Warn of Weakened Demand and More Corrections as Crude Slides on Stock Market Sell Off
Aegean management tells Ship & Bunker it is "considering its response" to investor group.
Critical Investors Less Than Impressed with Aegean Management Response
The news agency also discredited every analytical argument weighed against OPEC and its cutbacks.
Crude Ends the Week Soft As Bloomberg Pushes Notion of $80 Oil Being Sustainable
Antonio Reinoso has been hired as Commercial Director, the company said in a note to Ship & Bunker.
Australian Bunker Suppliers, Bunker One Partner on New Cartagena Physical Supply Operation
Unfortunately, U.S.'s neighbour north of the 49th parallel is struggling to keep up with demand.
Unstoppable U.S. Shale Could Benefit Caribbean Oil Storage as Output Tops 10 Million BPD