June, 2018
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Following guidance in its recently released Best Practice Guidance would help to prevent such cases, IBIA says.
IBIA Addresses Ongoing USGC Bunker Quality Problems
Meanwhile, Trump again blames OPEC for high oil prices.
Crude Rises but No Spikes from Now On, Says IEA
USCG advises owners closely monitor fuel oil system components and consult their bunker suppliers.
USCG, P&I Club Issue "Bad Bunker" Warning
Operator to drop rebates "due to current world fuel market conditions."
Ferry Firm Responds to Rising Bunker Prices
The problems being described bear a strong similarity to the ongoing problems with contaminated fuel in the Houston and wider US gulf area.
FOBAS Alert: Fuel Problems in Panama
Commodity trader now running physical supply operations at Bahia Blanca.
New Bunkering Operation for Trafigura in the Americas
Once again, we advise you not to be complacent, if you are bunkering in Houston and surrounding areas.
Contaminated Bunker Fuel Supplies in Houston Continue
Problems may also have spread to fuels in Panama, UK P&I warns.
At Least Two Types of Contamination Causing Houston Bunker Fuel Problems
From shrinking marine demand post 2020.
Value of Canada's Heavy Sour Crude Undermined by Sulfur Cap Rule
In our opinion, the contribution of 4ÔÇÉcumyl phenol towards the sticky problem is, at best marginal.
New Thinking on the Contamination Incident from Bunker Fuels in Houston Area