July, 2019
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Impact from IMO2020 could keep prices up for a year.
Analysts see Extended Higher Prices for Distillates
Meanwhile, Russian output declines to a near three-year low.
Fear and Loathing Continues to Keep Crude Prices in a "Goldilocks Moment"
Intermarine to install units at its UK base.
UK Services Company Signs Deal With Scrubber Maker
Hedge funds aim to profit from IMO2020 disruption
IMO2020: Predicted Volatility Draws Investors' Eye
Meanwhile, one lone expert thinks the crude market is oversold.
Crude Flat on Conflicting Worries as Goldman Forecasts Range Bound 2020
Following recent passing of former MD Holger Pommer.
New MDs at UFS
Increased tension in region and higher insurance premiums detering ship calls, traders say.
Fujairah: Bunker Demand Under Pressure
Shipowners will likely start purchasing IMO 2020-compliant marine fuel in the next three months.
IMO 2020: Current Futures Prices and Refiner Processing Options
Meanwhile, Shell predicts the rise of hydrogen fuel cells in the next decade.
Fear Dominates Crude Trading Yet Again Despite Good Economic News
Optimizing this process can lead to significant savings, company says.
Do Not Forget Lube Cost Factor for IMO2020 Fuel Switch: Shell