February, 2019
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In first trade on Platts' Singapore FOB Marine Fuel 0.5% futures contract.
IMO2020: FIS Looks to Establish December Premium for 0.50%S VLSFO of $200
Price reporting agency Argus Media says that low sulfur fuel trial results are not widely known.
"Fog" Surrounds Performance of low Sulfur Fuels
Lack of infrastructure will hinder take up of alternative fuel.
EIA: US can Expect Moderate Growth in LNG Bunkering
"I'm not sure it's in our interest to convince everybody to put scrubbers in," says CEO alongside orders for 3 more units.
Dorian LPG Confident on its Scrubber Strategy, Indifferent on Open-Loop Bans
But Venezuela's woes mollified traders somewhat.
"Nightmare" Crude Market Posts Losses Due to Decline in U.S. Goods Demand
Some see IMO 2020 as a cover for freight-rate increases, while tanker operators may have an easier job ahead of them than box carriers.
Recovering Full IMO 2020 Costs Seen as Tough
Previously expected widespread non-compliance.
Fratelli Now Expecting Most to Comply with IMO 2020 Rule
After 18 years with the tanker owner.
Outspoken Scrubber Sceptic Paddy Rodgers to Step Down as CEO of Euronav
Enerjen Capital to issue notes to fund "hedge basket" ahead of IMO2020 deadline.
Hedging Tool Takes Aim at Sulfur Cap Uncertainty
But the analytical community is divided over what will happen next.
U.S. Job Growth Drives More Gains for Crude