September, 2020
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Technical issues disrupted most of the first hour of the meetings on Wednesday morning, with several delegates unable to be heard at first.
IMO Meetings Resume With Digital Teething Problems
The IEA says aviation demand won't recover even in 2021.
Sally Boosts Oil, But Covid Fears Continue Despite Strong Economic Figures
The research was commissioned by three major scrubber suppliers.
Scrubbers Can Deliver Lower Carbon Dioxide Emissions Versus VLSFO: CE Delft
Only Total's boss envisioned good news in the form of declining inventories.
More Price Losses For Oil As Traders Succumb To Covid Fears
The IEA's sustainable development scenario envisages oil-based bunker demand plummeting from about 200 million mt/year in 2030 to about 140 million mt in 2040.
IEA Sees Oil-Based Bunker Demand Drop by 60 Million MT in the 2030s
"Shipowners can be counted on to do the right thing, once they have exhausted every other option."
Shipping Industry Lacks the Cash to Spend on Decarbonisation: Newport Shipping
However, traffic jams have resumed in Europe and Asia.
Oil Prices Dip Again Due To Perception Of Stalled Demand
Grant Thornton, the company appointed to supervise Xihe last month, has appointed has appointed Clarksons Platou and Arrow Shipbroking as exclusive brokers for the sale of the company's ships.
Xihe Holdings Interim Judicial Manager Launches 'Fire Sale' of Ships
The company signed a storage agreement earlier this year with the Government of Somaliland's Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism.
Trafigura Seeks to Expand Bebera Port in Somaliland
But Sen anticipates a Covid vaccine will revive the moribund air travel sector.
Oil Rebounds On Encouraging Economic Data, But Crude Analysts Maintain Gloomy Stance