August, 2018
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Bomin Group's managing director Jan Christensen tells Ship & Bunker that the new trading platforms will find it tough, just like everyone else.
Bomin: Quality Will Keep Buyers Loyal
A drop in U.S. stockpiles was the trigger for Thursday's gains.
Crude Rises Despite More Talk - and Evidence - of Market Stability
In first half of 2018.
Vladisvostok: Bunker Fuel Sales Jump 60%
As high steel price and looming fuel cost rise make demolition attractive to operators.
Rise in Tankers Going for Scrap
Even though scrubber order are on the rise, says Argus Media.
Scrubber Surge Unlikely to mop up Excess Fuel oil Demand Post-2020
The results of the campaign will be analysed and findings will be presented for submission to the IMO.
Bunker Sulfur Regs Compliance: PSC Inspection Campaign to Target 10,000 Ships
No industry better than the product market that will gain in terms of demand from 2020, says Scorpio's Robert Bugbee.
Product Tanker Players Bullish for 2019 as Market Readies for IMO2020
This despite all indications that the Americans will post huge output into 2019.
Modest U.S. Output Growth in June Viewed by Media as Harbinger of Further Shortfalls
Kuwait is among a host of countries boosting output to compensate for shortfalls elsewhere.
Crude Posts More Losses as Kuwait Declares Market to be Entering a "Very Stable Stage"
"We haven't discounted the possibility at all," says COO.
Scorpio Continues to Warm to Scrubbers