November, 2017
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"A temperature discrepancy of just 1-2 deg C can cause a large discrepancy in the bunker delivery quantity," Chris Bieda, Service Delivery, Lloyd's Register GMT, writes for Ship & Bunker.
LR Bunker Tips: Portable Electronic Thermometer (PET)
Bunker prices were a bit softer in the primary ports.
Crude Soft on European Uncertainty, OPEC Deal Doubts
Crude priced in the mid-$50's is seen as being more stable and predictable, according to one analyst.
Russia Happiest with Crude Prices in the Mid-$50/bbl Range: Analyst
"This strong and complete acquittal of Monjasa by the High Court is the verdict we expected," says Group CEO, Anders Østergaard.
Monjasa, Former Co-Owner Jacobsen Acquitted After Alleged Fraud
The vessel is set to run primarily on LNG.
Wärtsilä to Deliver Dual-Fuel Engines to Viking Line Newbuild
VPS says a new investment in the Rotterdam facility has significantly added to its existing Singapore lubricants testing capabilities.
VPS Boosts Lubricant Oil Condition Monitoring Capacity
For decarbonisation to happen in the long term, the industry will need zero-carbon technology to be available in the mid-2030s
Maersk: Regulation Required to Bring Zero-Carbon Technology to the Fore
Veltrone chief executive Nikolas Gkikas, the company behind the product, tells Ship & Bunker he is confident of success
Bunker Buying Function Forms Part of Ship Management Software to Launch next Year
A study finds the use of low sulfur fuels within ECAs has resulted in more toxic emissions for certain populations.
IMO 2020: No Fuel Choice Will Avoid Inevitable Requirement to Install Scrubbers, Says EGCSA
Where we have lost ground over time is our overall understanding of the market, Paul Hardy writes for Ship & Bunker.
The Importance of Experience and the Changing Dynamics of the Bunker Market