February, 2021
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Expectations are high that exhaust gas scrubber technology demand will soon be resurgent. But what lessons have been learned from installations and which type will dominate?
FEATURE: Foreship Ready for Scrubber Clean Up
The world's largest bunker hub has seen sales almost hold up from the artificially high level of January 2020.
S&B ANALYSIS: Singapore Bunker Demand Kicks Off 2021 Near Highs of IMO 2020 Shift
Some readers have told Ship & Bunker the recent notation awarded by ABS is nothing more than a PR exercise, while others see it as an important step to the future.
VIEWPOINT: 'Ammonia-Ready' Ships - Greenwashing or Milestone to Zero Carbon?
January, 2021
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Ship & Bunker looks at the high/low sulfur spread in 2020, outlook for the spread in the years ahead and other factors impacting the landscape for scrubber uptake.
S&B ANALYSIS: The Widening HSFO / VLSFO Spread and Potential for a Second Wave of Scrubber Uptake
IMO 2020 and the unique market dynamics of 2020 has seen it take some time to pin down what a useful crude / VLSFO model will be going forwards.
S&B ANALYSIS: Understanding the VLSFO / Brent Relationship and Bunker Price Outlook for 2021
"I would say 2020 has been our busiest year ever partly because of the job activity for bunkering," says Singapore-based Salling Search.
Bunker Traders in Demand as Job Market Remains Buoyant into 2021
Saving planet while burning fuel with superior mileage, doesn't that sound too good to be true? Ara Barsamian, Eliseo Curcio, and Daniel Son from Refinery Automation Institute, LLC discuss.
Green Bunkers, Eco-bunkers, Bio-bunkers, Renewable Bunker…Caveat Emptor!