May, 2022
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The Russian invasion of Ukraine is having some surprising impacts on inter-product and inter-port price spreads as well as demand.
S&B ANALYSIS: Assessing the Impact of the Russia Crisis on Bunker Markets
Bunker blending specialists Eliseo Curcio & Michele Miceli discuss biofuel-VLSFO blend properties.
WHITEPAPER: Bio-Bunkers the Immediate Solution to the Energy Transition
Bunker Holding CEO Keld Demant discusses his firm's new strategy in an interview with Ship & Bunker after seeing the second-best results in the firm's history in 2021/22.
INTERVIEW: Bunker Holding CEO Sets New Five-Year Strategy
The total was dragged down on a monthly basis by HSFO sales after the contamination reported in Singapore in February and March.
S&B ANALYSIS: Singapore Bunker Sales Slip Further in April
April, 2022
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The company reported net profit of $23.1 million from its marine division in the first quarter, up by 292% from the previous quarter and by 261% from Q1 2021.
S&B ANALYSIS: WFS Q1 Bunker Margins Surge to Most Since IMO 2020 Transition
The greatest challenge in detecting chemical contamination is the many thousands of organic compounds that exist which may contaminate marine fuel.
The Value & Importance of Low-Cost, Pre-Burn, Rapid GCMS Screening of Marine Fuels
BLUE Insight's Adrian Tolson tells Ship & Bunker self-regulation will be needed in the years ahead as the marine fuel supply chain faces more scrutiny.
INTERVIEW: BLUE's Adrian Tolson Calls for Major Rethink After Large Bunker Quantity Shortfalls Revealed
"There will now be suits coming out of the Singapore situation," lawyer Steve Simms tells Ship & Bunker.
Singapore Bad Bunkers: What Does 'Meets ISO 8217 Specification' Actually Mean?
But March sales improve sequentially, up 7.7% over the 3.5 million mt sold last month.
Singapore: Quarterly Bunker Sales, Calls For Bunkers at Multi-Year Lows
Wärtsilä's Sigurd Jenssen tells Ship & Bunker the firm is seeing growing demand for scrubbers both for newbuildings and retrofits this year.
INTERVIEW: Wärtsilä Sees Scrubbers as 'Dominant' Emissions Solution for Newbuildings