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April, 2017
Date Headline Image
Esben Poulsson's comments came at a media briefing for Singapore Maritime Week 2017.
Shipping Better Positioned Than a Year Ago, Says SSA President
Meanwhile, Saudi Aramco boss believes peak demand "is not in sight."
OPEC Members Cite $60 Oil as a Target Everyone Can Live With as They Declare Support for Cutback Extension
Nigeria says it will join in the cartel's cuts – but not before ramping up production to 2.2 million barrels per day.
Nigeria Recovery, Further U.S. Shale Expansion Possible Even as OPEC Considers Cutback Extensions
IEA says it is "seeing demand growing fairly steadily."
OPEC Cuts Fail to Stop Oil Stocks Rising, but Markets are "Very Close" to Balance, Says IEA
The best ever quarterly total of 12.65 million mt is up some 69 percent over the 7.49 million mt sold in 1Q 2007.
Singapore Quarterly Bunker Sales Volume Hits Record High [ GRAPH ]
Have you sold bunkers to a recently scrapped vessel? Check here with VesselsValue's demolition sales from April 6 – April 12, 2017.
Weekly Vessel Scrapping Report: 2017 Week 14
WinGD says it will also supply the vessels with its Engine Diagnostic System, enabling lower bunker costs through engine performance optimisation.
SCF LNG-Powered Tankers to Feature WinGD Dual-Fuel Engines
CPSB claims the vessel PDZ Maju owes RM563,311 ($127,662.59) for bunkers supplied in December.
PDZ Moves to Defend Against Vessel Arrest for Unpaid Bunkers
The project is intended to provide vessel operators with a more efficient and economical fleet design, meeting current and future environmental regulations.
Wärtsilä and CHI Receive LR AiP for Efficient Natural Gas Operating Fleet Concept
RMT says it is in advanced discussions with a potential buyer for the trust's assets, although "no deal has been finalised at this stage."
Rickmers Maritime Faces Winding Up After Failure to Reach Restructuring Agreement
The LNG truck loading facility was launched during a ceremony held on April 12 at the SLNG Terminal.
Singapore Marks Latest Step for LNG Bunkering with First Truck Loading Facility
Mario Quero, Managing Director of the Spanish ferry-operator, says such volatility is the problem with the business model of high-speed vessels.
High Speed Ferry Business "Very Exposed" to Fuel Volatility, Says Trasmediterránea Director
The comments from Paul Nix, General Manager of Terminal Operations at Gulf Petrochem, came at an industry conference in Fujairah earlier this month.
Currently "No Incentive" for Movement Toward 2020 Compliance, Says Industry Player
Meanwhile, Goldman sees a return to long-term oil price stability.
Global Drawdowns Embolden OPEC and Analysts, but Experts Warn That It May Merely Be a Shifting of Supplies
However, a cautious Kilduff worries that conflict with North Korea could send demand - and prices - plummeting.
Support for OPEC Cutback Extension Grows, and Citi Predicts Brent Rebounding to Above $60 As a Result
The Wison-LNG-Distributor has a scalable capacity of 5,000 to 20,000 cbm, integrating the functions of LNG loading, bunkering, and container delivery.
New Wison Multi-Functional LNG Vessel Design to Support Bunkering Operations
"The capacity to supply bigger volumes with the new vessel will strengthen our leadership in Peru´s Bunker market." Bunker Manager Ramón Blanco tells Ship & Bunker.
Repsol Looks to Lift Stake in South Americas Bunker Market With New Bunker Barge at El Callao
One bulker is understood to have been bunkering when strong winds pushed another bulker off course, leading the near collision of the two vessels.
Bulker Involved in Near Collision While Bunkering at Gibraltar [VIDEO]
Verifavia's latest accreditation as a EU MRV verifier has come from France's national accreditation body Cofrac.
Verifavia Receives Second Accreditation as EU MRV Verifier
Finnlines' service order covers the performance optimisation of its existing Alfa Laval PureSOx scrubber systems on seven of the company's RoRo vessels.
Finnlines Pens Service Order for Existing Alfa Laval PureSOx Scrubbers