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April, 2017
Date Headline Image
But John Kilduff suggests that Friday's market reaction is being overly analyzed.
Crude Spikes on US Syria Strike, and Analysts Expect More Gains With the Possibility of a Return to `Risk Premium'
But the Maersk trial LONO is still expected, and Quadrise remains confident that using HFO + scrubbers will be the lowest cost option for marine operators.
Quadrise Warns of More Likely Delays to MSAR Emulsion Bunker Fuel Trials
Valme B, which arrived in Trinidad on March 29, is on hire to Petrotrin for an initial one year period.
Petrotrin Resumes Bunkering with Chartered Tanker
The 13.5 million litre capacity facility is set to supply MGO to vessels calling at the Takoradi Port.
GOIL Commissions $15 Million Bunker Storage Facility at Takoradi
The company says it expects to transport more than 4 million tonnes of dark and light oil products in 2017.
Rosneft Initiates Bunker Fuel River Transport for 2017 Navigation Season
The indication came in comments during a recent presentation given by Maersk Oil Trading.
Maersk Line Looks Likely to Favour 0.5% Sulfur Bunkers, Not Scrubbers, for 2020 Compliance
The vessel is reported to have arrived at its home port of Zeebrugge on April 1.
ENGIE Zeebrugge Set for First Supply Operation
The SEK 125 million ($13.81 million) order includes eight hybrid Alfa Laval PureSOX scrubbers.
Alfa Laval Set to Supply Scrubbers for Two More Vessels Under New Order
More trouble for the Islamic republic comes in the form of India halting imports and ongoing tensions with the U.S.
Iran Faces "Struggle" to Maintain Exports as its Sea Storage Stocks Dry Up
But that doesn't mean oil is dead, they add.
Crude Gains "Hard to Justify" in Face of Fundamentals, Warn Experts
Approximately 8 km of Green Island's coast is said to have been polluted in March as a result of a spill from a currently unidentified source .
Australia Lends Support to Taiwanese Investigation into Suspected Bunker Spill
Contractors cleaning up the spill are said to have recovered about 2,000 gallons of the oily waste.
USCG Monitoring Fuel Oil Spill from Sunken Ferry in Boston Harbor
"We have very few complaints related to both quantity and quality, both of which we regulate carefully," the port's CEO tells Ship & Bunker.
"No Loud Call" for Mass Flow Meters in Gibraltar: Sanguinetti
Babcock's LNG MR reliquefaction system is designed to address issues of excess BOG in carriers utilising dual-fuel propulsion engines.
Babcock Granted AiP from LR for Efficiency-Boosting LNG Reliquefaction Tech
"The transition to clean fuels cannot be achieved by companies working in isolation," said Birgit Liodden, Nor-Shipping Director.
Nor-Shipping 2017 to Foster Cross-Industry Collaboration for Clean Maritime Fuels: Director
Have you sold bunkers to a recently scrapped vessel? Check here with VesselsValue's demolition sales from March 30 – April 5, 2017.
Weekly Vessel Scrapping Report: 2017 Week 13
LR, Woodside, Anangel, HHI, and GE will begin work on a design programme to explore the suitability of technologies for large, dual-propulsion ships.
Industry Players Team Up for LNG-Fuelled VLOC Project
Cepsa says it will begin supplying LNG via a Mediterranean Multi-product Barge at the Port of Barcelona in 2018.
Cepsa to Become First Company to Supply LNG Bunkers via Ship-to-Ship Operations in Spain
Doubts of any real market rebalancing is driving the liquidations.
More Bearish Forecasts for Crude As Hedge Funds Liquidate their Bullish Positions
The surplus will evaporate even if OPEC doesn't extend its cutback initiative, they say.
Unexpected US Stockpile Build Pares Tuesday's Gains - But All Is Still Well, Insist Analysts