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July, 2017
Date Headline Image
"The transaction marks the latest consolidation in the global maritime industry," said COSCO Shipping Lines of the $6.3 billion deal.
COSCO Shipping Set to Acquire OOCL
Some say it will negatively impact demand and others think it will send prices skyrocketing - depending on where the fighting breaks out.
Analysts Differ on the Regions But Agree That Geopolitical Risk Weighs Heavily Against Crude
The rumours are fueled by evidence that U.S. shale is nowhere near as perilously close to a downfall as some think.
More Losses for Crude Come Amid Renewed Speculation that OPEC May Get Tough on Nigeria, Libya
Clean Arctic Alliance has welcomed support from member states at MEPC 71 for a proposal to identify ways to mitigate risks of HFO use in Arctic waters.
Environmental NGO Welcomes IMO Support for Action on HFO Use in the Arctic
The Grimaldi Group has become the fourteenth company to join the newly formed Global Industry Alliance.
IMO Announces New Addition to Low Carbon Shipping Alliance
The operation saw the removal of marine fouling from the DFDS Group's 2,800 DWT Pearl Seaways, which serves routes between Copenhagen and Oslo.
Bunker-Saving HullWiper Cleans First Cruise Vessel in Copenhagen
Salvamento Marítimo and Enagás also gave a presentation the Core LNGas hive project.
MEPC 71 Sees Presentation on Spain's International School of LNG
The review aimed to verify if the regulations had achieved initial objectives, if those objectives were still relevant, and if the regulations were still required.
UK Government Publishes Results of Ship to Ship Transfer Reg Review
"Availability of the product is good and so is the price," Orion Bunkers Director Zeeshan Arshad tells Ship & Bunker.
Supplier Announces 0.10% Sulfur LSMGO Now Available in Pakistan
A bigger than expected drop in U.S. crude stocks wasn't enough to inspire market confidence.
Oil Up, But Forecasts Down - Again
Meanwhile, the Saudis brag about increased output in 2016 despite weak demand.
Bye-bye $100 Oil, Say Experts: $50 Is The New Norm - And A Fair Price To Boot
Pacific nations are pushing for IMO to align the shipping's emissions with the Paris Agreement goal of limiting warming to 1.5C above pre industrial levels.
Pacific Ministers Call on IMO Member States for "Radical" CO2 Cuts
Stolt Tankers' operating profit for the period was $27.6 million, compared to $28.5 million during the same period of 2016.
Lower Rates and Higher Bunker Prices Impact Stolt Tankers' H1 Results
Have you sold bunkers to a recently scrapped vessel? Check here with VesselsValue's demolition sales from June 29 – July 5, 2017.
Weekly Vessel Scrapping Report: 2017 Week 25
IRClass says the development "underscores the increasing importance of using cleaner fuels."
IRClass Issues Rules for LNG-Powered Coastal and Inland Vessels
The new vessel concept is said to be 10 percent more energy efficient than Viking Line's Viking Grace.
Deltamarin to Support Construction of Viking Line LNG-Powered Newbuild
The news caused another drop in crude prices on Wednesday.
OPEC Exports Rise Once More Along With Resistance to Deeper Cuts
But other analysts once again cite fundamentals in predicting more volatility ahead.
Raymond James Blames "Fake News" for Crude's Woes, Insists Market Should be Bullish
WSM says it foresees "the biggest challenge to remain compliant is ensuring data integrity throughout the data collection period."
Data Integrity "Key" to EU MRV Compliance, Says WSM
The new notations include power management, power back-up, and zero emission standards.
Bureau Veritas Issues New Rules and Notations for Growing Number of Hybrid Vessels