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February, 2017
Date Headline Image
T&E has repeatedly called for shipping's inclusion in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme as part of efforts to reduce the transport sector's overall emissions.
T&E Welcomes Shipping Industry Calls for Inclusion of Shipping in European ETS
2016 bunker sales for all products totalled just over 4 million mt, according to the latest preliminary data from The Panama Maritime Authority.
Panama Posts 25% Rise in Bunker Sales Over Last 2 Years
The cooperation is said to be intended to support the expansion of Propel's business into new physical locations.
Propel Seals Partnership with Foreign Company for Nigerian Bunker Business
Summer oil demand will sorely test the resolve of OPEC cutback participants, say experts.
Compliance Slippage and All-Out Production Resumption May be Inevitable: IHS Energy
But there are still challenges in the medium term, say other analysts.
"Rampant Demand Growth" Helping Prop Up Oil Prices: Energy Aspects
Salvage operations are reported to have been hampered by rough weather.
Oil Pollution Spotted After Tanker Runs Aground off Japan
Victoria, a Peter Döhle container ship, sustained the 50 metre long gash during a grounding incident off Demark.
Box Ship Sustains Hull Gash Near Bunker Tank During Grounding
Bunker prices were firmer in the primary ports.
Oil Benchmarks Edge Up
CFO Ira M. Birns says restructuring efforts within its marine segment are now "95 percent complete."
World Fuel Services Posts Full Year 2016 Bunker Volumes of 31.4 Million MT
Wessels Reederei's MV Wes Amelie is set to be converted to dual fuel propulsion in May.
Container Feeder Ship to Receive Conversion for LNG-Propulsion
K Line has obtained certification from SBTi, and has set its interim target to reduce CO2 emissions by 10 percent for 2019.
K Line CO2 Reduction Targets Certified as "Scientifically Consistent" with Paris Agreement
Moody's has also upgraded HMM's credit rating from D to BB, moving the company from a "default" rating to "stable."
Updated: HMM Expected to Receive $633 Million in State-Backed Financing
Dan-Bunkering served a warrant of arrest on PDZ Holdings' vessel PDZ Mewah last month.
PDZ Declares "Strong Arguable Case" After Vessel Arrested on Bunker Claim
The industry has had three years to prepare for the change, which now takes effect from February 15, 2017.
Turkey Mandates Refineries and Oil Terminals to Use Mass Flow Meters
A UK Government report has found that one of the vessels' hull shapes, designed to reduce wind resistance, caused "relative motion illusion."
MAIB: Bunker Saving Vessel Design Led to Ship Collision
Meanwhile, U.S. shale builds contribute to speculators cutting net long positions on Brent.
Fear of Drastic Market Downturn Resurfaces in Wake of OPEC Non-Member Cutback Compliance Said to Be Only 48 Percent
But OPEC's forecast is still less than its numbers for 2016.
OPEC Raises 2017 Oil Demand Growth Forecast as U.S. Shale Production Expected to Jump Again in March
Traffic reached an all time high of 83,740 transits, marking a 3.4 percent increase.
2016 Marks New High for Vessel Traffic in Malacca and Singapore Straits
The Baltic Dry Index lost 14 points to land at 688 on Monday.
Baltic Dry Index Falls Below 700 Mark as Index Cool Down Continues
"We can look forward to bringing in some key commercial people over the next 12 months," Chief Commercial Officer Daniel Rose tells Ship & Bunker.
"Exciting Times" Ahead for OceanConnect Marine in 2017: Rose