December, 2014
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Decreasing bunker costs from falling crude prices have been offset by overcapacity in the industry.
BIMCO: No Case to Increase Vessel Speeds
Smaller trading volumes at the NYMEX going into the Christmas holiday could lead to increased volatility and huge swings in pricing in either direction.
Another Down Day for Crude Oil Prices
"DOT is not mentioned separately as the company is part of the sales division," claims Altor.
Altor Defends DOT Omission from OW Bunker IPO Prospectus
The clause aims to "minimise the risk of bunker volatility for Members, and to take account of increasingly onerous regulations on emissions," says Intertanko.
Intertanko Launches ECA Bunker Surcharge Clause
"We're deeply involved in developing new standards at IMO," said Peter Hall, CEO, announcing IBIA's involvement in two IMO working groups next year.
IBIA: Our 2015 Most Ambitious Programme Ever
Most of this was attributed to traders who had bet on lower prices closing out positions.
Crude Makes Small Gains
"We still see a premium for new, modern eco-types on the chartering market and newbuildings coming in," says Braemar analyst.
Eco Ships Will Still Command a Premium Despite 41% Bunker Price Drop
"We cannot currently estimate what portion of the receivable is likely to be recovered, [so] we have written off the entire amount," said the bank.
Investment Bank Jefferies Provides $52M Against OW Bunker Debts
VLCC rates are almost at five-year highs.
Falling Oil Spurring Demand for VLCC Floating Storage
"One cannot help wondering if...we are staring at a criminal enterprise much wider than what we have discovered so far," says investigating Judge.
"Ghost ship" Bunker Scam Linked to OW Supply & Trading