Oil Tanker and Cargo Ship Arrested in Malaysia

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday April 24, 2024

An oil tanker and a cargo ship have been arrested in Malaysia for alleged illegal anchoring in the country's waters.

The arrests were both on Monday, with the Sierra Leone-registered cargo vessel detained near Cape Penawar and the Comoros-registered tanker detained near Cape Balau, the Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency said in a social media post.

Malaysia has stepped up detentions of vessels found to be illegally anchoring in its waters in recent years.

"Since it was implemented on March 24, 2021, OP JANGKAR HARAM has recorded a total of apprehensions of 297 ships including 34 ships for 2024 so far," the MMEA said.

"This action is to ensure that all ships entering Malaysian waters especially Johor State waters respect sovereignty and obey laws that have been set."