December, 2016
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"An EPA under Pruitt might easily see global regulations, mandated by a UN organization, IMO, as an overreach."
Will a Weakened EPA Impact 2020 Compliance Decision Making?
September, 2016
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"This could go on for some time if the charterer's voyage performance calculations are not being done," Adrian Tolson tells Ship & Bunker.
Understanding Bunker Fraud: How Can a Physical Supplier Collude with an Owner/Ship Manager to Defraud a Charter?
It is difficult to put a positive spin on Hanjin's demise, and it is very concerning for the health of the bunkering industry.
Too Big To Fail: Hanjin's Impact On Bunkering â Immediate Exposure Could Exceed $100M
April, 2016
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Compliance based on trust rather than oversight would likely prove a costly option.
20|20 Vision: Ensuring a Level Playing Field - The Challenge of Regulatory Compliance
February, 2016
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The bunker industry was already confused as to what would happen to all the fuel oil when we transition to low sulfur fuels, now we are even more confused!
20|20 Vision: The Transition to Distillates is Going to be Messy
January, 2016
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Where do we need to become more professional? And how do we prepare ourselves for the future?
20|20 Vision: The Key Components to Success for Fuel Suppliers in the Marine Energy Market