January, 2017
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Views differ as to whether a fully-fledged Big Data strategy best serves the true requirements of vessel operators
Effective Use of Big Data & Remote Monitoring
Restructuring, the journey to 2020, rising and volatile bunker prices, and digital bunkering are all in the outlook for the coming year.
After a Tough 2016, What Can The Bunker Industry Expect in 2017?
December, 2016
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According to UNEP, estimates of illegal slops disposal reach at least 3,000 incidents per year in European waters alone.
Sustainable Slops Disposal Will Remain a Challenge in 2017 â the Industry Must Embrace Its Solutions
"The 0.50% global sulfur cap in 2020 will accelerate the change in the needs and habits of the shipping industry," MD Olivier Jouny tells Ship & Bunker.
Interview: TOTAL Confirms its Ambition in LNG Bunkering Business
2017 will see significant decisions that could shape the future of the global ship recycling industry, says Dr. Nikos Mikelis of GMS.
2017: A Critical Year for Ship Recycling
Julien Dufour, CEO, Verifavia Shipping, compares and contrasts IMO and EU's approaches to monitoring, reporting and verifying ship CO2 emissions.
Industry Insight: Emissions Data Collection â IMO vs. EU
While 2016 has been challenging for owners and operators, Larry Rumbol of Parker Kittiwake says IMO's 2020 decision has added cat fines to the agenda.
Industry Insight: Success Demands a Greater Effort
November, 2016
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Peter has over 40 years' experience in the marine industry and is an accomplished marine executive.
Gibraltar Shipping: An Interview With IBIA's Peter Hall
October, 2016
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There is a quiet revolution in energy transportation, with ramifications for LNG transfer for power generation, or other uses, such as marine energy.
Cryoline: Innovation in the LNG 'Transfer Zone'
Knowing how to manage risk is the key to long term success in the bunker market, and this has never been so true following the demise of OW and Hanjin.
Feature: World Fuel Services on The Benefits of Working with a Strong Counter Party