December, 2014
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Korea Ship and Offshore Research Institute has begun developing a 25,000 TEU capacity box ship. So where will it stop? 28,000? 30,000?
Inside Opinion: I Think I Know When Container Ships Will Stop Growing
November, 2014
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Credit insurance will be a lot more expensive come renewal time and a lot more compelling than it was for those that don't have it now.
Inside Opinion: Could the OW Bunker Collapse Cause a Domino Effect in Singapore?
July, 2014
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Should bunker suppliers be blamed when shipping companies' vessel ownership mechanisms make it harder to get bunkers?
Inside Opinion: The Bunker Credit Schism
June, 2014
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The chastening market conditions of the last few years mean shipping no longer offers the low risk returns of old.
Inside Opinion: What next for the KG Funds?
The top credit managers are revenue generators as well as risk mitigators.
Inside Opinion: Bunker Credit Management - Champagne and Oysters at the Casino
May, 2014
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Credit management is growing and developing and there will come a time when bunker traders look to self-insure.
Inside Opinion: The Evolution of Bunker Credit
Could we have seen many more shipping bankruptcies in Europe if there was Ch11 protection, and bankruptcy didn't mean liquidation?
Inside Opinion: Lessons from OSG - Does Ch11 Skew the Global Playing Field?
April, 2014
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The whole outlook for a section of bulkers, boxships and product tankers is set to change forever - and for Panamax owners, not for the better.
Inside Opinion: What Does the Future Hold for Panamax Vessels?
In parts of the world where it's a fact of business life, the question is where is the line is between "cultural" and "corrupt".
Inside Opinion: Corruption and the Cultural Divide
March, 2014
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If you want credit for your bunkers you have to have some sort of transparency.
Inside Opinion: Credit for Bunkers is Getting More Expensive to Give Out