Ammonia-Fuelled Bulker Design Wins ClassNK Approval

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday January 20, 2022

An ammonia-fuelled bulker design developed by the Planning and Design Center for Greener Ships (GSC) has won approval in principle from classification society ClassNK.

The design is for an ammonia-fuelled Panamax bulk carrier, ClassNK said in an emailed statement on Thursday.

The classification society reviewed the ammonia treatment measures, fuel supply system piping, identification of hazardous areas and evacuation routes.

"Ammonia is expected to be used as decarbonized fuel for ships since it does not emit CO2 when burned, however, taking adequate safety measures are impartial due to its characteristics of being toxic to humans and corrosive against materials," the organisation said in the statement.

Ammonia is assumed to be likely to take up a significant share of marine fuel demand by 2050 as the shipping industry bears down on its carbon emissions, but most supporters acknowledge significant research and development work on safety measures will be needed first.