Low Sulfur Fuel Oil from Plastic: Production Starts next Year

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday October 2, 2017

A new process capable of producing of a range of fuel oils from plastic including low sulfur marine fuel should start up next year.

UK technology firm Recycled Technologies' (RT) residual waste plastic conversion unit, called RT7000, is set to operate in the UK in 2018, the firm told online magazine NauticExpo.

Annual output of the industrial scale unit amounts to 5000 metric tonnes of oil, called Plaxx by the company, from an input of 7000 metric tonnes of plastic waste. Plaxx-16 is the marine fuel.

"We are finalizing the specification of Plaxx-16 to ensure pour point and viscosity compatibility with existing fuels," RT marketing director Adrian Haworth was quoted as saying. 

The company will produce a marine gasoil and a heavy fuel oil which will both contain less than 0.1% sulfur.

"We have a detailed test program in place with Ricardo and Lloyd's Register to qualify these products," Hamworth said.

Other oils produced by the process are a naphtha/light oil, called Plaxx-8, and a highly paraffinic slack wax, called Plaxx-40.