ULSFO Specialist Buys Frisol Bunkering

Friday March 9, 2018

Orim Energy today announced it has acquired Rotterdam-based Frisol Bunkering.

With bunkering roots tracing back to 1962, and having changed back to Frisol Bunkering from Argos Bunkering B.V. in 2016, going forwards the supplier will continue to deliver its services under the name Delta Bunkering.

"This acquisition is a logical next step in the cooperation between both companies and will further strengthen Orim Energy's position as an independent ULSFO supplier in the rapidly changing bunkering market," said Orim Energy.

Specializing in ultra-low sulphur fuel oil (ULSFO), the company says that since the January 1, 2015 introduction of the 0.1% sulphur limit in Europe's Emissions Control Area (ECA) it has processed, blended and supplied over 1.2 million metric tonnes (mt) of ULSFO to more than 2,000 vessels in the ARA area.

Its expertise with lower sulfur fuels is also something the company aims to capitalize on with the lowering of the global sulfur cap to 0.50% from January 2020.

"2020 will see new IMO standards for the global shipping industry, including lowering the sulphur cap for marine fuels from 3.5% to 0.5%. With Frisol Bunkering on board and an excellent track record in the blending and trading of 1% (2008-2014) and 0.1% (since 2015) fuel oils, Orim Energy is well positioned to exploit this market opportunity and to realise its true potential in the competitive bunkering market," the company said.