June, 2019
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Why is the matching of illiquid markets with more liquid ones so profitable, and how can it help buyers in 2020?
IMO2020: Illiquid Markets and Group Buying Power
May, 2019
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If the bold move had been made for a strict 0.10% limit there would have been a number of benefits.
IMO2020: The Unexpected Consequences of Legislation
NSI's Paul Hardy looks at MFM magnet reports, sanctions busting, and back-dooring.
Malpractice in the Bunker Business
April, 2019
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Many buyers are becoming disillusioned with the "wait and see" attitude of some trading houses.
IMO2020: Conflicts and the Quest for Information
March, 2019
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As we all know demand for HSFO will fall off a cliff Q3 onwards. This represents a number of challenges for the physical supplier.
IMO2020: The HSFO Conundrum
January, 2019
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The ongoing lack of information on specs is already causing frustration for buyers and suppliers.
IMO2020: Compatibility Questions are Going to Complicate Bunker Buying
Monitoring bunker buying performance monitoring, compliance and auditing is of growing importance.
Is Your Bunker Platform Ready for IMO2020?
November, 2018
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I believe the future market will be driven by analytics, writes Paul Hardy.
IMO2020: Should We Believe the Analysts?
October, 2018
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NSI's Paul Hardy looks at the potential impact of Trump's proposed slow start to IMO 2020.
Unilateralism is the Killer of Invention
We move from a market where the products people want to buy are by and large readily available, to one where only those with a heavily detailed plan can be sure they can buy what they want.
The Changing Nature of Benchmarking