Renault Looks to Use Wind-Powered Cargo Ships

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday November 27, 2018

A partnership has been agreed between French companies Neoline and Renault to develop wind-powered cargo ships for the car manufacturer.

Under the three-year agreement, Neoline, which is developing a template for moving cargo using wind-powered ships, has received support from the car manufacturer with its plan to build two wind-powered cargo ships as early as 2020.

A demonstation vessel that shows how to reduce carbon output through a combination of wind power, slow steaming and other technologies could serve as a model for the two ships.

The aim is to trial the vessels by 2020-2021 on a route between Saint-Nazaire in France, the US Eastern seaboard, and Saint-Pierre & Miquelon in Canada.

“In the context of our strategy to explore new sustainable mobility solutions and to continue along the road to reducing our carbon footprint, the solution designed by Neolinne, which combines energy efficiency and operational relevance, has truly captured our attention," said Jean-Philippe Hermine, who is Renault's vice president for strategic environmental planning.

Gavin Allwright of the International Windship Association welcomed the partnership.

“This development is great news for the Neoline team, but also for wind propulsion innovators as a whole with cargo owners and ship operators increasingly considering wind propulsion as a viable, cost effective low carbon option for their fleets."

The project joins other wind-base initiatives, with recent announcements from Maersk Tankers, Airbus, and Ultrabulk on marine wind-power projects.

*This article has been edited.