Scrubber Manufacturer Yara Marine Starts Offering Overboard Pipes on Corrosion Concerns

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday September 8, 2020

Scrubber manufacturer Yara Marine has started offering overboard pipes to its customers on concerns the parts provided by shipyards are proving to be susceptible to corrosion.

Ship & Bunker reported last week that ships are requiring overboard pipe repairs as little as six months after installation in some cases because of corrosion.

"The overboard pipes, releasing the wash water to the sea are usually manufactured and delivered by the shipyards," Yara Marine said in an article on its website Tuesday.

"Several ship owners have experienced the spool pieces to be below the required standard and not able to handle the acidic environment.

"As the industry has experienced corrosion issues as a consequence, Yara Marine has started receiving requests from clients to deliver these pipes in order to ensure quality all the way from the scrubber to the hull."

The company has now delivered overboard pipes to a customer for the first time, it said in the statement.