KPI OceanConnect Looks to Alternative Fuels on 50th Anniversary

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday October 12, 2021

KPI OceanConnect CEO Søren Høll has drawn attention to the firm's increasing focus on decarbonisation as it celebrates its 50th year in operation.

The company is celebrating 50 years since its first deal of fuel oil to a customer in Trinidad, Høll said in a LinkedIn post on Monday.

"We recently launched our Alternative Fuels and Special Projects division, which significantly expands our capabilities to deliver bespoke solutions and strengthens the sustainability of our, and our customers' supply chains," he said.

"Rather than having one pathway to meet decarbonisation, there will be an array of different fuels for shipowners to choose from, and this will require financial and technical guidance from their counterparts.

"We're already expanding our offering beyond traditional fuels to enhance our clients' ability to achieve their sustainability ambitions.

"As our business partners expect ever greater transparency, having a partnership-based approach to business built on trust not only unlocks greater opportunities for all parties involved but also enables us to exceed expectations and deliver real value.

"As a prime mover and agile partner in the shipping industry for the past 50 years, we're well positioned to support our business partners to thrive in this new marketplace by providing the best solutions in response to the increasingly diverse and complex nature of the marine fuels market."

The company launched its alternative fuels division in July, assigning industry veteran Bill Wakeling the task of 'leading on all matters relating to alternative fuels and decarbonisation'.

Earlier in the year the company completed its first carbon offsetting deal.