Emulsion Bunker Firm Quadrise's Name Change Signals Decarbonisation Push

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday March 13, 2023

Emulsion fuels firm Quadrise is signalling the rising prominence of decarbonisation in its business aims with a name change.

The firm, the full name of which is currently Quadrise Fuels International Plc, is proposing to rename itself Quadrise Plc, it said in an emailed statement on Monday. The change is currently planned to come into effect later this month, subject to regulatory filings.

The dropping of 'fuels' from the name will help "emphasise Quadrise's position in the energy decarbonisation space amongst customers and investors and to acknowledge the material contribution that the Company's technology solutions can make to reducing carbon intensity in marine, power, and industrial applications," the company said in the statement.

"The move also sets the tone for future development of the Company as it continues to implement its strategy towards net-zero carbon energy solutions and carbon mitigations," it added, without going into detail on any new moves it would be making within the decarbonization space. 

Quadrise's current focus is on its MSAR technology that revolves around the production of water continuous emulsion fuel. Such emulsion fuels can result in a number of emissions savings - such as reduced black soot and NOx - as well as improved fuel consumption with an associated reduction in GHG emissions.

More recenly it developed its bioMSAR process that works on a similar principle, but with bio-feedstocks added to deliver further GHG savings.

The firm has previously discussed at length with Ship & Bunker the economics of its proposition.

WIth the indsutry having put the transition to a global 0.50% sulfur cap firmly behind it, all focus is now on decarbonization and the transition away from traditional oil-based fuel.

It may come as little surpirse then that Quadrise's naem change is the latest in a series of rebranding efforts among bunker companies and in the oil industry more widely in an effort to deemphasise fossil fuels and highlight green credentials.

Bunker supplier and trading firm Peninsula dropped the 'Petroleum' from its name in May 2021, and LNG bunker supplier Titan dropped 'LNG' from its name in June of last year. The annual week of energy-industry events held in London every February has also rebranded from International Petroleum Week to International Energy Week in recent years.