Singapore: Minerva, Hafnia Complete First Stem on New Digital Bunkering Platform

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday November 23, 2020

Minerva Bunkering and Hafnia today announced they have completed the first "proof-of-concept" bunker delivery using a new digital bunkering platform known as Advanced Delivery Platform (ADP).

The stem took place in Singapore, and Minerva says it now intends to launch commercial service of the system in ARA, Fujairah, and Singapore in early 2021.

ADP is described as an integrated hardware and software solution designed and developed by Minerva and its technology partner Curl Tech.

The system promises real-time visibility into all details of a bunkering operations, including bunker quality and quantity received as per mass flow meter profiles.

ADP also moves the traditional paper-based transactional documentation into an entirely digital format on both supplying and receiving vessels.

Minerva says the end result saves time, reduces human error, and improves efficiency and transparency.

Hafnia, who also collaborated with Minerva on certain design elements of the ADP, has now entered into a supply agreement with Minerva in the systems intended ports of service.

"We have been vocal about wanting to see this sort of technology and process applied to other major ports in addition to Singapore. A supplier has stepped up to the task, and we are here to support it as promised," stated Peter Grünwaldt, Hafnia's Vice President of Bunker Procurement.

"It is a big step towards more efficient operations for the industry-at-large, and will certainly be positive for vessel operations in these ports."