Monjasa Nears Completion of Fleet Redesign and Renaming

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday November 18, 2021

Global bunker supplier Monjasa has nearly completed its process of redesigning and renaming its fleet.

The company has recently completed dry dock surveys of the Monjasa Partner and Monjasa Promoter, and now has 11 of its 12 owned tankers using the Monjasa name and colours, it said in a LinkedIn post on Wednesday.

After the renaming process Monjasa has reorganised its owned fleet into P-, C-, S-, R- and T-classes according to their size, ranging from 4,000 to 25,000 DWT, in the following list:

  • Monjasa Partner
  • Monjasa Performer
  • Monjasa Promoter
  • Monjasa Provider
  • Monjasa Chaser
  • Monjasa Server
  • Monjasa Sprinter
  • Monjasa Striker
  • Monjasa Supplier
  • Monjasa Ranger
  • Monjasa Trader

Including time-chartered tonnage, the Monjasa fleet now stands at 25 tankers and barges in total.