Silverstream Retrofits LNG Carrier With Bunker-Saving Air Lubrication System

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday April 9, 2024

Maritime clean technology company Silverstream Technologies has retrofitted an LNG carrier with one of its bunker-saving air lubrication systems.

The system was installed in just 30 days on a 174,000 m3 LNG carrier owned by an oil major at Seatrium's Admiralty Yard in Singapore, Silverstream said in an emailed statement on Tuesday.

The ship is capable of running both on boil-off gas from its cargo and on conventional fuels, a Silverstream representative told Ship & Bunker.

"In gas mode we are reducing the amount of boil-off gas wasted as fuel for propulsion and increasing the delivered cargo volumes," the representative said.

"The ship's reliquification plant enables this below the natural boil-off speed, above the natural boil-off speed we’re reducing forced vaporisation of cargo for use as fuel.

"In fuel-oil mode we are saving on bunkers.

"Regardless of which fuel the ship is using, the Silverstream System will still reduce frictional resistance and save on fuel consumption and associated emissions, a direct benefit on CII and emissions taxation exposure."

Air lubrication systems introduce bubbles of air in between a ship's hull and the water beneath it, reducing friction and improving fuel efficiency. Silverstream sees average bunker consumption and GHG emissions cuts of 5-10% from its systems.

"This successful retrofit at Seatrium of our technology onboard another LNG carrier is yet further proof of our deep experience in the LNG segment," Noah Silberschmidt, CEO of Sliverstream Technologies, said in the statement.

"The market conditions and operational factors unique to LNGCs make them perfectly suited to our air lubrication technology, and we will continue to work with energy majors and our yard partners to ensure smooth installations onboard any vessel that chooses us as an efficiency-boosting option."