Press Release: Discover the New BMS United Brand

Friday February 9, 2018

BMS United Bunkers, one of the world’s leading maritime solution providers, recently rebrand- ed. Since 1990, BMS United has been operating globally, with a highly skilled team located among key-port areas, such as Piraeus, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Limassol and Vladivostok.

The redesigned BMS United brand identity showcases the advancement of the company, while underlining the commitment of its people to continuously deliver value to the shipping industry, for many years to come.

After a competitive pitch process, the award-winning, Athens-based agency, Kommigraphics was chosen to lead the redesign activities and work together with BMS' Marketing Team. In a minimal design, the new logo represents the element of water, by using repeating wavy linear patterns, which eventually outline the shape of a drop. By removing the describing title "BUNKERS" from the logo and choosing uniformly bold typography with robust alignment, a timeless design manifesting the leading position of BMS United in the industry.

Lars H. Nielsen, Executive Group Director commented;

"Today, as our industry is rapidly going through continuous challenges, we recognise the need for change and advancement. We retain our established values but on the same time we aim at increasing the reputation of our company by creating a stronger brand presence, both online and offline."

For enquiries regarding our rebranding please contact:

Constantinos Sofronis
Senior Group Marketing Coordinator

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