Cargill Signs Three-Year Deal With Vessel Optimisation Firm ZeroNorth

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday August 9, 2023

Global commodities company Cargill has signed up to ZeroNorth's vessel optimisation services for the next three years.

ZeroNorth will become Cargill's primary software provide for vessel and voyage optimisation under the three-year deal, the company said in a statement on its website on Tuesday.

The two companies have been strategic partners since 2020.

"The partnership has expanded over time, with Cargill and ZeroNorth working together to develop ZeroNorth's advanced, market-leading fuel model and develop solutions for the dry bulk market," ZeroNorth said in the statement.

"ZeroNorth has expanded the company's offering to a wider customer base based on the commercial success Cargill has achieved over the years.

"The expansion of ZeroNorth's partnership with Cargill highlights the rapid and ongoing transformation within the industry and the need for solutions that help drive the green transition.

"ZeroNorth's full suite of services enables customers to optimise their voyage and vessel operations and drive the meaningful efficiencies and immediate emissions reductions that are critical on the path to decarbonisation."

Shipping companies are increasingly turning to digital services to help them decarbonise. These services can improve fuel efficiency through advanced weather routing, fleet management and other means to cut GHG emissions, as well as identifying ways to cut spending on bunker fuel.