Gard Details Key Areas With Open-Loop Scrubber Restrictions

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday January 16, 2019

Gard has given details on several key geographical areas where there are restrictions when operating open-loop scrubbers.

The list covers zones in China, Singapore, India, UAE, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland, Norway, and the US.

"Various other coastal states and ports are discussing enforcing similar bans citing the adverse effects of scrubber washwater on the marine environment. It is therefore likely that the above list of states/ports which currently regulate open loop scrubber discharges in their waters will grow over time," Gard warns.

"We advise Members and clients to monitor the situation closely and ensure that crews onboard vessels fitted with open loop scrubbers are made aware of any relevant local discharge requirements in force."

Gard's notice can be read here: