MEPC81: ICS Welcomes Progress on Flat Rate Contribution per GHGt

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday March 25, 2024

Progress at the International Maritime Organisation towards agreeing a flat rate contribution system per tonne of greenhouse gas has been welcomed by international shipowners' organisation ICS.

MEPC is the IMO committee tasked with finding a working consensus to get shippping's GHG emissions to fall to net zero by 2050.

While the committee has different versions of how to reduce shipping's GHG output to consider, ICS said it was pleased with the way its proposal was received.

"We have gained a better understanding of the concerns of those governments who still have questions about our proposed feebate mechanism," ICS said in a statement on last week's MEPC81 deliberations.

"ICS will seek to address these concerns with all governments before the next round of IMO negotiations in September, to help ensure that the necessary regulatory framework can be adopted next year, for global implementation by 2027," the statement added.

Reporting from the IMO last week, Ship & Bunker understands that the shape of the economic measure that will eveuntually be adopted by the IMO next year will be a lot clearer at MEPC82 to be held in London in six months' time.