BunkerMetric Adds Inchcape Port Call Cost Data to BunkerPlanner Software

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday May 4, 2021

Software developer BunkerMetric has signed a deal to add data from maritime services company Inchcape on the cost of calling at ports around the world to its bunkering software BunkerPlanner.

BunkerMetric has integrated Inchcape's World of Ports service into the software, it said in an emailed statement on Monday.

The change adds data on port call, anchorage, barging and other costs to the BunkerPlanner platform, giving buyers more information on the most cost-effective port to choose.

"Choosing a bunkering port is sometimes simplified into a choice of the lowest dollar per mt [metric ton]," Christian Plum, CEO of BunkerMetric, said in the statement.

"But to truly improve voyage TCE you need to look more holistically at the implied costs of bunkering.

"Is it induced, how long is the deviation, and how much is the port call cost?

"Vlissingen may be 15 dollars per mt lower than Skaw, but the anchorage cost can easily be 10,000 dollars higher at Vlissingen, cancelling that benefit.

"By including World of Ports port call data we are significantly adding to the value of BunkerPlanner for our clients."

The new data has already been made available to BunkerPlanner's users, according to the statement.