Production Deal Signed for Fuel-Saving Retractable Bow Foils

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday August 24, 2021

Maritime technology firm Wavefoil has signed a deal to put its fuel-saving retractable bow foil systems into production.

The firm has signed an agreement with Norway-based I P Huse to produce its largest products, Wavefoil said earlier this month.

Wavefoil claims typical fuel savings of 5-15% from its retractable wave foil systems, which can use wave power to supplement a ship's propulsion. Wavefoil is the first firm to make the systems retractable.

"I P Huse has the right expertise and facilities so that we can be sure that customers get a quality product that meets the requirements of the market," Eirik Bøckmann, general manager of Wavefoil, said in the statement.