Posidonia 2020 Cancelled

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday July 21, 2020

Posidonia 2020, one of the industry's biggest events, has been cancelled in the wake of measures taken to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Event organizers today said the "difficult decision" was made following close consultation with exhibitors, the shipping community stakeholders, and after assessing the current state of Covid-19 in countries around the world.

The biannual event was originally planned for June 2020. It was later moved to October 2020 after coronavirus-related lockdown measures were put in place, a move that potentially would have seen it clash with another major industry conference, SIBCON 2020, due to take place in early October.

"The worrying increase of cases in certain jurisdictions and the inability to predict reliably where the Pandemic will take us in the months ahead, compounds the uncertainty that now prevails, imposing upon us circumstances that are beyond our control," a statement released Monday said.

"Furthermore, the shipment of exhibits and the complexities of international travel which are constantly being re-evaluated as events develop, pose major challenges and practical restrictions to our international exhibitors and visitors, with the distinct possibility that many will not be able to visit Greece. Without them Posidonia would not be the same."

The next Posidonia is now scheduled to take place in June 2022.